What we do

We are a team of solicitors and support staff who provide in-house legal services to Schools, Colleges and Central Services across UCC in support of  it's strategic and operational goals.

Some examples of the work we do:

  • Draft, review and negotiate contracts and other legal documentation required to support the research, academic and commercial activities of UCC; 
  • Provide clear and concise explanations of legal issues to UCC staff at all levels on matters such as:
    • contract law
    • intellectual property
    • property matters
    • company law
    • legal issues arising in student appeals, fitness to study etc.
    • regulatory and compliance matters
    • dispute resolution and litigation
  • Support and advise the Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation and Tyndall National Institute in the management of agreements pertaining to research and technology transfer projects and on compliance with State Aid, competition and other applicable laws;
  • Input in development and review of policies and procedures in accordance with UCC’s Policy Framework;

In-house Legal Team

We are a team of solicitors and support staff who provide in-house legal services to Schools, Colleges and Central Services across UCC in support of it's strategic and operational goals.

Involving us early in a project helps identify potential legal issues and find workable solutions. We aim to protect the interests of the  UCC community and manage potential legal risks to it, particularly given the increasingly common occurrence of litigation. 

We are happy to engage and provide information sessions and legal services to your area, tailored to meet your needs.

Staff Details

TitleNameWorks WithContact TelephoneContact Email

Head of Legal Services/

University Solicitor  

Audrey Huggard
  • College of Medicine & Health
  • APC - Microbiome Institute
  • Clinical Research
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Data Protection

021 490 3579

021 490 2351


PA to Head of Legal

Sharon Harrington
  • Office Administration

021 490 2351

University SolicitorChristine Alcorn
  • College of Business & Law
  • Technology Transfer Office
  • Licensing
  • Spin Outs
  • INSIGHT Centre
  • European funded and other research agreements


021 420 5883 


 021 490 1880 

University SolicitorJonathan Hurley
  • College of Science, Engineering & Food Science
  • Property Matters
  • Finance Office
  • Subsidiaries
021 490 2350 Jonathan.hurley@ucc.ie 
University SolicitorPaddy Martin
  • College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
  • Research Office/Contract Flow
  • Tyndall National Institute (Mon & Fri)

Mon & Tues OCLA 

021 490 1880


021 490 3876

Thurs & Fri Tyndall

021 234 6839



University SolicitorAnn Clarke Waterman
  •  College of Medicine and Health

Mon & Fri OCLA

021 490 3380

Tues & Thurs Medicine and Health

021 490 5666


University SolicitorTara Woulfe
  • Tyndall National Institute
    • Associated Centres
      (IPIC, MCCI, IERC, CONFIRM, Futuremilk)
    • Related Project & Compliance issues

Mon & Tues & Thurs 021 234 6715

Wed 021 490 3380




If you are unsure who you should contact please complete the Legal Affairs Briefing Document and email it to audrey.huggard@ucc.ie 

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