University Statutes and Regulations

The Power to make Statutes and Regulations

Section 33 (1) of the Act states:

33. (1) Subject to this Act and to the charter, if any, of the university, a governing authority of a university or the Senate may, and where required by this Act to do so shall, make such and so many statutes and regulations as it considers appropriate to regulate the affairs of the university.[1]

[1] Universities Act, 1997, Section 33

Statutes in Force prior to the University Act, 1997

The Statutes of University College Cork which were in force prior to the implementation of the Universities Act, 1997 continue to be effective insofar as they are not in conflict with the provisions of the Act or have not been amended by more recent statutes of University College Cork -  National University of Ireland, Cork.

Section 33 (3) of the Act states:

33. (3) The statutes in force immediately before the commencement of this Part in a university to which this Act applies or its corresponding constituent college or Recognised College shall, so far as they are consistent with this Act, continue in force as statutes of the university or the corresponding constituent university on and after that commencement but may be repealed or amended by a statute made under subsection (1).

The Statutes of the University are under review and consolidation. Henceforth the University will have three main statutes:

  1. Principal Statute

  2. Transition Statute

  3. Pensions Statute

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