Skills, Experience and Competency Framework (“The Competency Framework”)

The skills, experiences and competencies for Governing Body and its Committees have been identified below.  It is the collective competencies of the Governing Body as a whole that is key.  While all of the competencies below are desirable, some are essential. 

When assessing competencies, the aim is to identify potential members with different competencies to ensure that the Governing body has a broad range of competencies that bring diversity of perspectives to decision making. 

Candidates are asked to self-assess using the following ratings:

  • Not applicable = candidate has no exposure to this either in a work capacity or through sitting on boards or committees of relevant organisations.
  • Familiar = candidate has had some exposure to this either in a work capacity or through sitting on boards or committees of relevant organisations.
  • Competent = candidate is experienced in this either in a work capacity, through professional background or through previous experience of this from sitting on several oversight boards and/or committees of relevant organisations.
  • Specialist = candidate has developed over 10 years of experience specific to this (e.g. as an experienced non-executive board member in organisations of a similar size and scale) or has a professional qualification or competency in this. 
Competencies N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Potential Candidates must fulfill at least 2 of the criteria in each category:        
Governance Experience N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Corporate governance
Legal and compliance, regulatory experience
Risk management
Understanding of fiduciary duties
Strategy Experience N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Strategic planning
Overseeing strategic implementation and monitoring
Stakeholder engagement and management – regional, national and international
Expertise aligned to the University’s strategic priorities
Public affairs, marketing and public relations
Fundraising and development
Executive/Management and Organisational Experience N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Previous or current board (chair, non-executive director, executive director)
Executive leadership/senior management
Large national/international organisation at a senior or board level
Higher Education
Crisis management
Negotiation skills
Operations and project management
Relevant sectoral experience in areas such as public sector, industry, community, business, arts and culture
Understanding of university environment and global context
Soft Skills and Attributes N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Strategic thinking and understanding of materiality
Effective listener, communicator & strategic questioner
Questioning and constructive challenge
Culture, ethics & integrity
Influencer and negotiator
Critical and innovative thinker


Potential Candidates must fulfill at least 1 of the categories below:        
Research and Innovation N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Research (academic or industry based)
Research funding landscape
Entrepreneurship and commercialisation of intellectual property (spin-outs, spin-ins)
Teaching and Learning N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Teaching and Learning expertise
Student Success N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Knowledge of student experience
Knowledge of student engagement
Staff and Culture N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Culture and organisational dynamics
Human resource management
Experience in equality, diversity and inclusion
Knowledge of health and safety
Sustainability and Climate Action N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Environment and climate; policy formulation and/or implementation
Social and sustainability activities
Understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Infrastructure N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Capital projects management
Technology, I.T. and digital learning
Data management
Financial N/A Familiar Competent Specialist
Understanding of strategic financing and management of same
Oversight of financial management, including budgets and internal controls
Understanding and working knowledge of financial reports and proposals
Understanding of financing capital projects, investment strategies, etc.
Audit experience
Irish Language None Basic Competent
Competency in the Irish Language?

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