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As the ultimate decision-making body of the University, the proceedings of Governing Body, the matters on its agenda and the decisions it takes are matters of significance and importance to stakeholders of the University, particularly its staff and students.

In considering its Communication Policy the Governing Body is mindful, in particular, of three of the six governance principles it has approved viz. to:

  • promote ethical and responsible decision making in a fair and transparent manner;

  • be accountable to stakeholders including the broader community in which the University functions;

  • promote confidence amongst stakeholders including staff, students and the community at large in the integrity and values of the organization.

Direct, clear and open communication from the Governing Body is fundamental to the maintenance of a constructive culture within the institution, fostering trust and the openness, transparency and accountability required of a public body.

Purpose and Scope of this Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set down the nature, scope and extent of communication from the Governing Body to its stakeholders to ensure compliance, by the Governing Body, with the principles of good governance which it has espoused and to ensure that the University community is adequately informed of the matters considered, and decisions taken, by the Governing Body.


In pursuit of its objectives of direct, clear and open communication with staff and students the Governing Body shall:

  1. agree and note that communication on behalf of Governing Body, after and between meetings, will be conducted by or on the direction of the Chairperson;

  2. establish a Communication Group of Governing Body to assist the Chairman in drafting a comprehensive report to staff on matters considered and decisions taken at the Governing Body meeting.   The objective will be to have this report published on the University Intranet within one working day of the Governing Body meeting.

The composition of this Group recommended to Governing Body is:

  • Chair of Governing Body

  • Person with responsibility for Internal Communication

  • University Secretary

  1. make available, subsequent to the meeting, the minutes of the meeting once adopted and such relevant papers circulated to the Governing Body as the Group may deem appropriate, taking account of commercial sensitivity, personal information and items of reserved business.

  2. arrange to have the Governing Body website updated and re-organised.


This policy, which is the first in a suite of such policies,  will be subject to review by Governing Body at the mid-point of its term of office in June, 2009, in light of experience of implementation and the changing needs of the University community.

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