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J Ring  John Ring University Safety Officer

Our role is advisory and our activities relate to staff occupational health & safety and accident/ill health prevention at places where UCC staff work.

The outcome of the scene depicted in the picture captured below is that which we encourage staff, students and visitors to avoid through a preventive approach, risk assessment, vigilence and co-operation. 

Please peruse our news board and resource area on the side menu bars. Our contact details and staff details are set out in the blue horizontal menu bar beneath this section. An overview of our areas of contribution within UCC and a note on how Irish /EU H&S law and Civil law apply to UCC are also provided.

Please PREVENT Accident SCENES like this at UCC and at Home!  



Contact Us:

Address: Health & Safety Office, Main Campus UCC, No.5 Carrigside, College Rd., Cork

Location: Terraced building, southern side of the College road, opposite Civil Engineering/the College Road entrance to UCC.

E: HealthandSafety@ucc.ie

Tel: 00353- 21 4902817 or 00353-21 4902997

Health and Safety Staff

 Name Title  Tel 
John F. Ring University Safety Officer 021 4902817
Nicola Kerin Administrative Assistant  021 4902817

Aoife Murphy

Executive Assistant 021 4902997

30th  April 2018

Health & Safety Office Advice inputs

We advise upon and support, the proactive management of employee occupational health and safety at the Corporate level within UCC. This advice, encompasses supports to the executive management of each functional area/college w.r.t. their management of occupational H&S risks, SHWW law compliance, best practice and the prevention AFARP of employee work related accidents and ill health at source.

In line with the provisions of best practice and SHWW law, UCC 'conducts and manages' employee occupational h&s on a Functional Area/College & department basis, via the senior executive managers and heads of department, who manage and control operations/deliver serivices - whether academic or academic support in nature. The Health & Safety Office supports each funcitonal areas through professional advice and management support. Our advice and efforts is focused on:

  • Facilitating* the work/research activities of staff and the development of the University, in a manner which minimises risk to all persons and to UCC overall . (* subject to risk acceptability, adherence to best practice and the requirements of Irish regulations/standards/HSA codes of practice).
  • The pro-active prevention of accidents & ill health to employees and 3rd parties/students, who may be injured by the work conducted by employees.
  • Instilling a safety culture and ownership of safety in management and employees, at all levels. Improving knowledge levels and h&s competency.
  • Minimising financial loss, maintaining employee well being & productivity.
  • Compliance with statutory requirements. The effective management of risk.
  • Elimination /designing out of risk at source wherever practicable
  • Quality, value for money
  • Best practice standards of safety & risk management
  • Raising performance standards within each functional area.
  • Targeted, progressive reduction in occ h&s risks and risk profile at UCC.

Details of contacts, access to services, and links to legislation/agencies and useful UCC safety down loads/ guidance are given in the menus to the left of this page. Please see below for information re the context of safety law for UCC.

Health & Safety Office

Sláinte agus Sábháilteacht

5 Carrigside, College Road, Cork