Core Training Overview & Schedule

Central H&S Training (Core & Managing) - Staff

Central H&S Training (Core & Managing) - Staff

Training (Core, Managing & E learning)

The Health & Safety Office UCC run a fininte central programme of Staff Training (Core Health and Safety Training, Core Emergency Training and Managing of H&S Courses), at the Main Campus, throughout the year.


For currently quarter schedule and e-form bank see: Form Bank & Schedule (Training)


Note: Due to UCC budget constraints only a limited menu of common core courses and management type courses can be met from central budgets. 

Its falls on FA’s/ individual departments to fund all other courses. (e.g Off programme Core courses sought for local delivery at department level OR specialist/non-core staff h&s training courses as applicable to the work risks of a Department. Student U/G & P/G training.) 

List of Available E-Training and Class room - Central Core Courses



CLASSROOM BASED courses - dates as (*) over, are expensive to run. To ensure Viability all courses have application cut off dates.

(CUT off DATES are generally 8 days PRIOR to the course date listed - with the exception of First Aid courses which is 18 days prior). 


See Schedule



(1) Workstation Ergonomics VDSE VDU**  ( Initial & 3 yearly refresher)

(2) UCC Bespoke Fire Safety** (initial & 3 yearly refresher - automatic)

To avail of these courses staff must have a valid UCC staff IP email address and must self register at:

** for instructions see H&S Office Web:

e-course are Available to UCC staff on a 24/7 basis. (secure external provider).

N.B. See end of this page for free e-learning courses provided by the H.S.A.


Managing H&S for Heads of Function, School & Dept managers (1 day intensive).

Note: Attendees are encouraged to complete Courses A1 and A2 in advance.




Control of Manual Handling and Fire Risks for Heads of Function, School & Department Management (0.5 Day).

Note: Attendees are encouraged to complete Courses A2 and G in advance.



General Risk Assessment and Risk Controls Course for Low/Normal Risk Departments (0.5 Day)

Note: Attendees are encouraged to complete Courses A1, A2 and G in advance.





General Risk Assessment and Risk Controls Course for Variable Risk Departments (1 Day)

Note: Attendees are encouraged to complete Courses A1, A2 and G in advance.



Briefing: Reviewing and Maintaining the Department Safety Statement - for Department mangement - (0.5 day). [ A Course pre-requisite is the recent completion of Courses A1 and A2 and either Course B or Courses D/E]




Manual Handling INITIAL Course (0.5 day) - ( attendees must refresh every 3 years)

Note: Course pre-requisites apply including fitness to participate. 



Manual Handling REFRESHER Course (2.5 hours) - ( attendees must re-take every 3 years). Note: Course pre-requisites apply including recent completion of Course G and fitness to participate.






Fire Marshall Course - (on behalf of UCC Fire Consultant). Note: Recent completion of Course A2 is a pre-requisite.




 Chemical Spill Response Course - (in conjunction with UCC Fire Consultant)




Occupational First Aid REFRESHER (including CPR and AED) Course  (1.5 Day)

Note: Course pre-requisites apply including completion of Course N within the last 2 years, fitness to participate and availability/willingness to operate as an OFA at UCC. Additionally successful attendees must retake a OFA refresher within 2 years to keep their certification current/valid.



Occupational First Aid (OFA) INITIAL Cert Course (including CPR and AED) (4 Day) - HETAC level 5.

Note: Course pre-requisites apply including fitness to participate and availability to provide full time cover as an OFA at UCC for a period of 2 years. Additionally successful attendees must retake within 2 years to keep their certification current/valid



Use of Fire Extinguisher Course (On behalf of UCC Fire Consultant) (For all Staff) (0.5 Day). Note: Recent completion of Course A2 is a pre-requisite and fitnesss to participate.









                                                                                       Health and Safety Authority e-learning (free – short courses)

 Foreword. Self register at the links below.

1.      Slips, trips and fall hazards. Also Risk assessment and principles of prevention- an introduction.

2.      Chemical Agents hazards. Also Managing Safety and health in the Science lab

3.      Safety and health in Construction

4.      Work Place Transport Safety

5.      Safety in Health Care. Also Biological Agent Hazards ( healthcare)

6.      See also various H.S.A. short topic videos at

Note: A Group Manager facility is also available for those who wish to provide the H.S.A.e-learning course to a group of learners within their Functional Area\School\Department.

This means that Heads of School/Department, managers or tutors can register groups of learners to take the course and remotely monitor their progress.

Full details on how to access the “Group Manager” facility are available under the FAQs section on   

Technical queries can be emailed to 


Online e-H&S Training Service (Staff) Instructions

At present there are two (2) e learning H&S courses available to UCC staff. These relate to

  1. Workstation Ergonomics VDSE (VDU) course (introduced to UCC in 2007), 
  2. a UCC bespoke e-Fire Safety Course (introduced in 2009)

The SHWW Act 2005 places an obligation on all employees to co-operate with their employer and attend necessary safety training that their departments may specify and assist the University to comply with its statutory obligations.

Staff may now complete both of these on-line e- Safety H&S Training Courses in a flexible manner. To avail of these courses staff must have a valid UCC staff email address and must self register at:

The registation instructions are contained in the link given at at the end of this section. 

Each staff member may complete these courses whilst seated at their own PC. Each course may be undertaken directly once the staff member completes a simple self registration \ enrolment online .  Each staff member is entitled to complete each course singularly on a 3 year cycle.

The Health and Safety Office introduced a refresher facility in Q1 of 2013 whereby staff who have previously completed these e-courses will be automatically notified, by e-mail, of an opportunity to undertake a full refresher course (upon/ after the three year anniversary of first completion has passed). This refresher facility is triggered on the 3 year anniversary (or longer than 3 years in the initial cycle of refreshers) of course completion.


The unique UCC staff email addresses which each user registered on first use is the means of notification and access.  

The Health and Safety Office also intends to launch a e learning hazardous substances/chemical awareness course in 2015 as part of the expansion of  e-learning health & safety training service for UCC Staff.

As of the 8th May 2012 UCC migrated to an updated version of the e-learning delivery platform OLASv2.   The new version has enhanced functionality.


Health and Safety Office March 2014

Revised Online e-H&S Training Service (Staff) Instructions


Staff Health and Safety Training - central courses

 Overview - staff H&S training (regular and occasional)

The attached document gives a historical summary of the courses that have been held - subject to central/ department budgets. Due to current budget constraints the following applies:

A finite programme of h&S training courses, covering Core h&s training applicable to all staff and the UCC Managing of h&s courses are offered CENTRALLY to UCC Staff/Departments at the MAIN CAMPUS throughout the calendar year via the H&S Office. Two of these courses are available 24/7 via on line e-delivery (hosted externally by Essential Skillz with inbuilt security features and learner self registration).

Core Training includes: Core H&S training (Occupational First Aid Certification and  OFA Refreshers ( 2 year cycle required to sustain certification), Manual Handling, E-VDSE ( VDU use), E- VDSE refresher ( automated 3 year cycle) AND Core emergency response courses. The latter are on behalf of the University Fire Consultant ( on behalf of B&E). These are Fire Marshalls, Use of Fire Extinguishers, Chemical Spill Response, E- Fire safety; E -Fire Safety ( automated 3 year cycle). Note: The Fire Consultant also provides some of these courses direct to large departments via B&E.

Specialised or discipline specific H& training courses and lab/ workshop training are not available via the H&S Office. These must be arranged and paid for by the departments concerned via their budget allocation. ( no central budgets exist for such courses which are often quite expensive and often need to be uniquely tailored). 


The finite programme of centralised UCC staff H&S training as offered by the University Health and Safety Office at the Main Campus comprises a blend of  e-learning and face to face contact sessions - all of which is demand led, quality assessed and delivered by experienced consultant trainers on a sessional basis. Courses are arranged subject to budgets available, broad based relevance, value for money,  instructor competence and quality delivery. Courses also reflect synchronization to University conditions, regulatory requirements, best practice and UCC safety policy.

Access by staff to the centrally scheduled programme of h&s courses and 'all ways on' e-learning is available to staff throughout the year. Such courses are provided generally on a gratis basis to UCC departments as of  08/09 or  at minimal cost, subject to compliance with booking procedures and adherence to course & booking conditions -  see  selection menus related to this section for current season course advertisements and directions. Staff need a valid UCC IP address to access the e-learning platform. 

  1. Places offered to UCC staff on the centralised programme (of core h&s and managing h&s courses), as provided by the Health and Safety Office are offered subject to the receipt of a fully completed booking form, viability and participating departments/staff complying with general and individual course conditions. (which includes for  a number of practical / fitness to participate requirements on physical activity based courses and department debit codes for the recoupment of costs in the event of non-attendance, partial attendance or late cancellations)
  2. Students undertaking a course of study at the university are not deemed staff for the purpose of the SHWW Act and h&s training obligations arising there. (Academic Departments must however make adequate arrangements to train U/G and P/G students as part of their taught curriculum and for any demonstrator roles associated with their studentship/ registered course - common law duty of care obligations).
  3. Off schedule core courses or managing h&s courses requested by Departments at their location or with extensive local adaptations will have to be arranged/ paid for by Departments directly. (H&S Office budgets and resources do not currently extend to same). 

Costs will be assigned to Departments  in the case of the #1 above (loss of training) and/or where increased staff training costs will arise for centralised programme courses, due to departmental staff hiring arrangements of the following nature:  (e.g. seasonal staff hires; many p/t or occasional staff covering a FTE role; staff with short duration contracts or contracts with little time remaining to expiry; staff unable to fulfil the requisite full time hours cover provision for occupational first aider roles for a 2 year period; staff on secondment from other agencies or hired in from 3rd party Contractors; Staff/Departments/ Centres directly supported by independent funding, work experience).

The staff of campus companies and independent research companies are welcome to participate in UCC staff H&S courses and e-learning, subject to cost charge transfer to the company involved. 

Health & Safety Office . Updated May 2015 ( updated download booklet)

Attendee - General Info & course pre-requisites



1. A minimum of 6 participants are required to run a course.   Courses will be held subject to viability/value for money.

2. Participants on practical courses must adhere to requirements  as outlined  re suitable clothing notification of injuries, ill health, pregnancy  - see 5  below

3. Note: Nominal costs are chargeable to Colleges/Schools/Departments/Centres etc for staff H&S training in some instances

4. Attendees must successfully complete an entire course in order to be deemed as having  completed same.

5. Any attendee who has a medical condition or injury/illness, which would prohibit him/her from taking part in the practical  exercises of  practical based courses, should make  this fact known to Health and Safety Office a minimum of 4 working days before the  Course commences .  Attendees are also asked to advise H&S Office at time of booking if they have any special needs.

6. For enquiries,course details and forms   please email Ms. Joan Lenihan,  .  Completed Forms must be returned to the H&S Office on/before the due date specified on each form.   Please note that return of a Form does not automatically secure a place on a Course.

7. N.B. All members of staff who have commenced employment in UCC within the past 2 years should avail of this opportunity to attend a Manual Handling Course and complete the E-learning Workstation Ergonomics VDSE/UCC Bespoke Fire Safety Course online. 


In the case of pregnancy intending attendees for any practical/exercise based H&S Courses i.e. Occupational First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Extinguisher   must have notified  the Department of Human Resources and  Health & Safety Office of their pregnancy . In such cases, the Employer’s doctor and the University Occupational Physician will advise in relation to the attendee’s participation in the Course. NOTE: Under SHWW Pregnant Employees Regulations, a Pregnancy Job Risk Assessment form must be conducted at departmental level in relation to the impact of work on the person/unborn child. A completed copy should be returned to the Health and Safety Office 28  days in advance of the Course.


• Staff involved in lifting should repeat the basic Manual Handling Course every 3 years.

• Participants must be medically fit and free from any condition which would restrict their ability to undertake practice work  which is an essential part of the training. If a participant is considered unsuitable in the opinion of the instructor with due consultation & discretion the participant may be asked to cease attendance at the Course.  See note 5 above in case of medical conditions and long/short term injury.

• Please note it is a requirement  to wear loose/comfortable clothing for the practical part of the course i.e. track suit, loose trousers,and flat “closed” shoes.   (Jeans and long dresses should be avoided).


• Attendees at this Course are obliged to have completed the UCC Bespoke E-Fire Safety Course. 
• A minimum of 10 people are required to run this Course
• See note 5 above in case of medical conditions and long/short term injury.

• Attendees at this Course need to fully understand chemical hazards as a prerequisite to attending this Course 


• On successful completion of the Occupational First Aid/First Aid Refresher Course,   candidates will be Qualified Occupational First Aiders & AED users. They will be required to act as an Occupational First Aider for their College/School/Department/Centre for a minimum of 2 years.

• As of 1 September 2008, Occupational First Aid Certificates are valid for 2 years only. In order to keep their Certificate valid, First Aiders  who hold a Occupational First Aid Certificate are obliged to successfully complete a 1 ½ day Refresher Course before their Certificate Expiry date. It is strongly recommended that all First Aiders complete a 1 ½ day Refresher Course on an annual basis to keep “up to date” with First Aid practice and procedures but also to ensure their Certificates are continuously  valid.

• Participants selected for Occupational First Aid training must be persons who are reliable and likely to remain calm in an emergency. In addition, they should have the aptitude and ability to cope with a course of intense study and be able to use the knowledge and skills learnt during the course. Participants must be medically fit and free from any condition which would restrict their ability to undertake practice work at ground level which is an essential part of the training. If a participant is considered unsuitable in the opinion of the course co-ordinator, with due consultation & discretion the participant may be asked to cease attendance at the Course.

• Please note it is a requirement  to wear suitable loose clothing (i.e. trousers/track suit) for the practical part of the course.   (Jeans and long dresses should be avoided).

• See note 5 above in case of medical conditions and long/short term injury. 

 The Health and Safety Office March 2014                                                       


Training Quality

Staff training completions are summarised in the news item preceeding this section.

The  Functional Area annual safety reporting system with GB oversight and two e-learning h&s courses contributed significantly  to this volume increase.

FA per capita statt H&S training course completion comparison data are contained in the GB Annual Safety Report 2013. ( available within the FA benchmarking section of this web site - UCC IP address required)


All courses organised by the H&S Office are organised in a quality manner. All attendees are offered the opportunity to evaluate the courses upon completion. This feedback is examined and utilised for constant finetuneing/improvement of quality and content.

The H&S Office at UCC has operated an internal QA sytem since 1994 long before it became a requirement for universities to set up QA systems under the Irish Universities Act. This has operated to deliver a quality training product and great value for money. This has been maintained over the last number of years with the addition of two bespoke e-learning packages for staff.

Annual staff QA assessment values for h&s courses are consistently high and are summarised in the Health and SAfety Office QA section of this web site. See QA link on side bar for furter details

Health & Safety Office

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