Occupational Health & Hygiene

Occ Health and Hygiene ( staff work activities)

Occ Health and Hygiene ( staff  work activities)

Introduction: Occ.Health & Hygiene(Preventative)

This section gives information and details relating to the limited range of sessional preventative occupational health related services available via the H&S Office.

Note: Department mangement must fund occupational health vaccinations and health surveillance examinations. ( risk related).

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The HR separately deals with the other employment related aspects of Occ Health.  Any queries relating to the EAP programme, fitness to work assessments, accommodation of employee with impairments or medical conditions in the work place or notifying of pregnancy should be directed to the HR department.

Details of Buildings with First Aid/ Nursing Mothers rooms at UCC are set out in the section link First Aid / Nursing Mothers

Occupational Health & Hygiene

Further occ. health related information is included in the section call out windows following below.

Some useful guidance on chemcial glove selection is available at the link  http://www.marigoldindustrial.com

For guidance on Ergonomics or persons requiring work place accommodations for pre-exsting injuries or illnesses or recent injuries/ illnesses please see the next section below. For detail on UCC's no smoking policy please see the call out on the rhs of this web page.

Student Health deal separately with the University AED programme and all undergraduate or post graduate study activity or travel vaccinations and medical surveillance ( risk related)

The following key support advisory services are available to UCC Departments via the H&S Office :

Sessional Occupational H&S Preventative Support Services, using experienced consultants in the following areas:
i) Occupational. Health  (prevention; risk assessment advice;  work specific vaccinations, audiograms, spirometry, allergy tests and blood tests); - 8 week cycle excluding summer recess.

ii) Occupational Hygiene (Haz. Substance Risk Assessment advice, Control of Exposure to Noise and Hazardous Substances, Work Environment), - 3 to 4 visits per annum.isk related).

Occupational Health - Ergonomics

The UCC approach is to staff VDu workstation ergonomics is for staff to be encouraged to firstly work through workstation e-learning training package on line and set up/adjust their VDSE work station correctly as they work through this. (20 mins on line that may be book marked).

To access the UCC e-learning package register and log in pleasae use the quick access portal above that preceeding this section.

The following link also contains link to information and excellent schematics from the OSHA USA web site http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/computerworkstations/positions.html

KoS Ergonomics have designed a simple A4 size Posture Watch Wall Poster  to help people avoid the common posture mistakes while working at the computer. Pay attention to the work sector zones in the top RHS of the one page picture.

Another ergonomic tip wouth considering is for general desk work, reading and writing. Staff could look at introducing  some large books or lever arch folders lying flat on their desk to rest and raise books/ledgers up in a 15 to 20 degree tilt to minimise looking down with your head at work. ( a min raised platform/ lectern effect). However do remember to also consider what you similarly do at home with driving, homework and general reading etc ( not easy with a young family). When viewing laptops and TV screens have them straight in front of your seated position.

The key area is straight on alignment with what you are looking at any time – no head or upper torso twisting.

For injuries/ ill health that arises outside of UCC and persons with pre-existing medical conditons……..HR separately engages the Occupational Health Physician to deal with employee work accommodations. This would incl assessments due to medical conditions or motor injuries or whiplash that arise outside of UCC.  ( in any case staff would be encouraged to set up their workstation first in accordance with the e-training as above)

All UCC staff are generally provided with a good adjustable and supportive ergonomics vdu chair already. so as staff members should have one of these already and once their chair and desk is set up per the training programme….the only other aide to a person with pre-existing back conditions may be a chair model with a higher back/ upper shoulders model. Best to get that recommended by a physio ( note: it may still have a only small benefit).

Padraig Lynch Admin Office General Services has some higher back support options for VDU chairs but they are expensive. Local dept budgets of the staff member requesting would have to pay for any upgrade over the standard issue. A letter from a physiotherapist would also be needed

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