Staff training, Occ. Health & Hygiene, Mgt of H&S

Occ. H&S at UCC,Staff Training, Occ Health & Hygiene

Occ. H&S at UCC,Staff Training, Occ Health & Hygiene

Managing H&S at Work - Mgt. Guide & Required RA Estimator

An concise overview of the key areas which all members of management must focus upon to succesfully manage H&S at Dept level within UCC - on a  24/7 basis. ( in so far as is reasonably practicable)

Managing H&S for managers - what to focus upon at UCC

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This should be read in conjunction with the comprehensive Dept Risk Assessment Reconciliation/ Estimator Tool ( Excel Work book) Dept RA Reconciliation 2016Guide to FA & Dept RA reconciliation 2016

Overview of Occupational H&S at Work at UCC

An concise overview of Occupational H&S at Work at UCC and the management / organisation of safety, as an inherent executive management responsibility 24/7 and the employee dtuies/ co-operation required is contained in the following down load. 

Overview of Occupational H&S at Work download (2014)

Staff H&S training completions 1994-2016

UCC’s staff h&s training record is very strong. In the 22 year period from 1994 to 2016 there has been circa 14500 attendances at various blended staff H&S training courses at UCC–excluding fire drills. The H&S Office trained 12,300 people in this time period (mainly UCC staff  plus some staff from campus companies).

Core H&S training via H&SO
Staff course completions 448 315 816 1005 1050 1073 2095 6839
% increase year on year   -21% +132% +23% +4.5% +2.2% +95%  
E-learning ( Initial & 3 year refresher) 232 175 448 648 635 667 1349 4164
        +45%   +7% +99% +481%
F2F - Central Core Programme 216 177 368 357 415 396 746 2675
      +108%   +16%   +88% +245%












 In 2016 there was a +95% increase in Core Course completions by staff via the H&S Office.(This represented a 367% increase in the seven years  from 2010 inclusive). Further courses were completed by other departments (TBA). The above excludes fire drills and risk specific/ local core courses organised by departments from their budgets.

See Overview of UCC Staff H&S training services and downloadable booklet at the following linkStaff H&S training booklet. Also see training QA metrics below.

20 years of Targeted Safety improvements


Substantial targeted safety improvements undertaken in various exisiting University Buildings at UCC, in the period 1994 to current date, using HEA backlog maintenance funds (when they existed) are detailed in the following link. UCC Safety improvements

Updated January 2014.


Health & Safety Office

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