SHWW Pregnant Employees Regs

SHWW Pregnant Employees Regs

Under SHWW Pregnant Employees Regulations, a risk assessment/job assessment must be conducted at departmental level in relation to the impact of work on the person/unborn child and retained on Departmental Records. 

Upon confirmation of pregnancy, the staff member concerned must notify the HR Department UCC ( manadatory). The HR department will then issue the staff member with a copy of UCC's Pregnancy Job Risk Assessment Form. The staff member must complete same in conjunction with their supervisor / manager at department level and submit same to the Health and Safety Office.

The Health and Safety Office will submit the completed form to the University Occupational Health Physician who will advise the department management if any modification are required to the employees work activities during pregnancy or whilst nursing a new born child.

Note: Where so advised department management and the employee must adhere to same. If it is not feasible to implement any job modifications deemed necessary for operational reasons then special leave at the rate determined by HR/ the Department of Social Welfare may apply.

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