Emergencies & First Aid

Emergencies, First Aid, AED, First Aid/Nursing Rooms

Emergencies, First Aid, AED, First Aid/Nursing Rooms

In the Event of Fire and Emergency

Raise alarm and evacuate area

1.   Call the required emergency service
      0-999 or 0-112 (internally)
      999 or 112 (Public phone/ mobile phone)
      N.B. Give exact UCC location

2.   Notify General Services at the following emergency numbers
      Main Campus + 353 490 {3111}
      Lee Maltings +353 490 {4311}
      Brookfield Health Sciences +353 490 {1501}

      Western gateway building, +353 420 {5800}

      Note {  } = internal use UCC extension number

3.   Inform UCC Switchboard Dial 9 of all emergency service calls

4.   Notify Head of School/Dept/Section

5.   Notify Dept Safety Officer

For a Radiation Incident also notify

Radiation Protection Officer 490 3761 or 490 2051

N.B. Remember to fill in a dangerous occurrence/accident report.



Contact the Generals Services Emergency number Extension 3111 and give full details including your contact number & location.

Services will contact the General Services Supervisor on duty who will fulfill the role of Emergency controller including liasion  with the emergency services and other UCC services.

Note: for completness, during office hours, please also notify the:

General Services Officer 4902264
Safety Officer 4902817
Buildings Officer 4902380
Insurance & Claims Officer 4902481
Risk Management Officer 4902800

Note: Building maintenance/repair issues/electrical, gas/water supply issues or detection faults  are processed by the UCC  Buildings Office help desk at 490[2480] during office hours and email a message to bereception@ucc.ie

For a Radiation Incident also notify

Radiation Protection Officer 490 3761 or 490 2051

First Aid Emergency

1. Notify Department First Aider*

2. Out of Normal Hours or if an ambulance is required at any time:

Contact General Services at the relevant emergency number below. { } = internal emergency extension number:
Main Campus 490 {3111}
Lee Maltings 490 {4311}
Brookfield 490 {1501}

Western Gateway Building 490 {5800}

* A network of staff Occupational First Aiders exist at Department Level throughout the University.  Details at Dept. level. A network of AED trained volunteer first responders also exists for suspected cardiac arrest. AED locations at UCC are listed at :

Access to First Aid

Access to First Aid in terms of accident or injury relates to:

Convenient access to a qualified medical doctor or SRN generally.  In the case of first aid for employees  in the Republic of  Ireland, access to the aforementioned suffices or access to a qualified Occupational First Aider* OR a designated first aider (designated by the employer) at a place of work (for any place where work is undertaken by employees - fixed or otherwise). In such cases: 

  • A designated first aider may be a qualified medical doctor or SRN with a current AED & CPR cert , who is then designated by the employer/ local head of Shool/Department as a designated first aider within UCC OR
  • A qualified Occupational First Aider * who has a valid occupational first aid certificate. [An occupational first aider must hold a FETAC occupational first aid certificate  or equivalent, after completion of an approved Occupational First Aid course of some 24 hours tuition minumum, content as prescribed by the national regulatory body, and attainment through examination of the designated standard in both practical first aid and the written knowldge of first aid practice.  Attendance at refresher first aid courses with a prescribed duration & course content, at prescribed intervals (generally 2 year maximum) is required thereafter to keep the first aider current and their certificate validated.]

Note: completion of a 1 day first aid awareness courses does not satisfy the above. SHWW First Aid regulations cover the provision of First Aid at places of Work in Ireland and the provisions of and the training of Occupational First Aiders.See provisions of Department Safety Statements for details on recommended ratios for the provision of occupational first aiders. See department safety statments and local departmental notice boards for listings of current school/departmental occupational first aiders and designated first aiders. See Section 9.0 First aid and  sections in the Safety statements within  and in Section 18.12 Fieldwork and specific UCC guidance/requirements on the provision of  staff first aiders for field work as contained within   

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