Functional Area Annual Reports - Benchmarking

Archive Reports 2011 - 2015

Governing Body Annual Safety Report and Head of Functional Area Assurances to Governors is available on the GB reports section of the OCLA website.

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2015 Year GB report

2014 Year GB report (Report Appendices)

 2013 Year GB report:

 2012 Year GB report

2011 Year GB Report

2016 year FA safety reporting- Commenced as of Dec 2016

2016  year Functional Area Annual Reports and HoF GB assurance statements

The initiating letter for the 2016 FA annual safety reports and 2017 action plans were issued to each senior head of Functional Area by President Dr. M. Murphy on the 22nd of December 2016. The details have also been emailed to each Hof and relevant College managers in order to aid efficient dissemination in Schools and Departments.

(The administrative details for the 2016 reporting are contained below)

The submision date for completed 2016 year FA annual safety reports, the associated 2017 year  action plans and HoF corporate h&s assurance statements ( for the GB) is the 31st March 2017. (Similar dates applied year on year).

Strict adherence to the report deadline is expected in all cases. Escalating late penalties will be applied to FA performance report scores received after the deadline. A 2 to 3 months cutoff will be applied for late submissions due to the consequence for implementation of action plans and risk managament measures.

updated 16th January 2017

The section link below gives access to the initiating documentation and reporting criteria.


Current FA Annual Reporting Criteria & Guidance

The following link Initiating letter & criteria for 2016 year Functional Area Annual Safety Reports gives the initating letter & criteria and downloadable documentation for the 2016 year FA reports.

Please consult your recent 2015 FA ASR benchmarking report as issued to each HoF in week 3 of Dec 2016 for the gaps/ issues to address prior to finalising and submitting your FA ASR for the 2016 year and the 2017 prioritised  Action plan.

Note: For the most recent years FA feedback reports (2015 year) and previous years reports (all issued on a year in arrear basis 2015 -2008), please see the archives in this section of the web page.  

20th February 2017

2015 FA ASR feedback reports have issued ( as of Dec 2016)

2015  year Functional Area Annual Reports feed back reports issued to each HoF in mid Decemeber 2016. ( 19 reports in ttotal have been issued on and individual basis).

The Corporate Secretary submitted the University Annual Safety Report for the 2015 year together with Head of Functional area signed GB assurance statement and top 5 FA risks to the Governing Body at its December 2016 meeting. (year in arrears reporting).

UMTO were also appraised of the content of the ASR in week 1 of December 2016

The section links below gives:

  • the results of the FA benchmarking for 2015.
  • access to the 2016 ASR initiating documentation and reporting criteria (due 31st March 2017).


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