Incident Reporting

Responsibility for ensuring that the relevant completed forms are circulated in a timely manner rests with the relevant Head of School/Department/Section or his/her nominee in all cases.

Each form is produced in a colour coded multiple carbon copy format. Circulation instructions are contained on the bottom of each form and are summarised below.

  1. The University Safety Office is to be sent a carbon copy of all forms (1 to 4).   The School/Department of origin is to retain a copy of each form (the blue copy in all cases).  
  2. The Department of Human Resources is to be sent the staff related accident reports only (Form 1),
  3. The Corporate Secretary is to be sent the staff and non-staff accident reports. (Form 1 and 3).
  4. The relevant Staff Safety Representative is to be sent a copy of Forms 1 and 2 only, i.e. Staff Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences.   (The relevant Safety Representative is the person elected for the constituency in which the incident occurs.
  5. A copy of the Accident/Dangerous Occurrence Investigation Report Form - Form 4 is to be additionaly sent to the Corporate Secretary, Office of the Corporate & Legal Affairs, UCC.

Carbon copies of the relevant forms must be placed in the internal post for circulation within 24 hours of the accident/occurrence.   Serious accidents or serious dangerous occurrences should be immediately reported as set out in the previous section.

Health & Safety Office

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