PLRG Members and Aims

The Pregnancy Loss Research Group came together formally in 2012 and now meets monthly at CUMH.

Consultant Obstetrician and Senior Lecturer, Dr Keelin O’Donoghue leads the group.

Current members include:

  • Dr Keelin O’Donoghue, Senior Lecturer UCC and Consultant Obstetrician CUMH

  • Dr Noirin Russell, Consultant Obstetrician, CUMH

  • Dr Brendan Fitzgerald, Consultant Perinatal Pathologist, CUH

  • Mr Daniel Nuzum, Healthcare Chaplain CUH/CUMH and UCC PhD Student

  • Ms Anna Maria Verling, Specialist Midwife in Bereavement and Loss CUMH and UCC Research Midwife

  • Ms Orla O’Connell, Specialist Midwife in Bereavement and Loss, CUMH

  • Ms Sarah Meaney, Health Promotion Officer NPEC and UCC PhD student

  • Ms Margaret Murphy, UCC Lecturer and Doctor of Nursing Student

  • Ms Niamh Spillane, Midwife CUMH and UCC Research Midwife

  • Ms Clare Everard, Midwife and Evidence-Based clinical care co-ordinator, CUMH

  • Ms Indra San Lazaro, UCC PhD Student

  • Dr Karen McNamara, Specialist Registrar CUMH and UCC PhD Student

  • Dr Aoife McSweeney, Specialist Registrar CUMH

  • Dr Lucia Hartigan, Specialist Registrar CUMH

  • Dr Laura Linehan, Registrar CUMH

  • Dr Aoife Morris, Specialist Registrar

  • Dr Jenna Magandran, Senior House Officer CUMH and UCC MSc student

  • Dr Leanne Cussen, Senior House Officer CUMH and UCC MSc student

  • Dr Sabina Tabirca, Senior House Officer CUMH and UCC MSc student

  • Ms Susan Dineen, Perinatal Scientist, CUH

  • Ms Annie O’Leary, Medical Student, UCC

  • Ms Danielle Barry, Medical Student, UCC

  • Ms Deirdre Green, Medical Student, UCC

  • Ms Hannah Callaghan, Medical Student, UCC

  • Ms Jacqueline Sheehan, Medical Student, UCC

Our research collaborators include:-

  • Dr Paul Corcoran, National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre, University College Cork

  • Professor Louise Kenny, INFANT, University College Cork

  • Dr Stephen Gallagher, University of Limerick

  • Dr Alexander Heazell, University of Manchester

  • Dr Mary O’Mahony, Director of Public Health, Cork; EUROCAT

The research aims of the group are:-

  • To examine lifestyles and psycho-social demographic factors associated with all types of pregnancy loss

  • To validate potential multiple risk factors and biomarkers that may be used to predict pregnancy loss.

  • To develop a research-based approach to the introduction of new materials to improve the process of consent for autopsy

  • To discover bereaved parents’ attitudes to autopsy and post-mortem investigations

  • To explore the psychological and spiritual needs of bereaved parents

  • To examine the lived experiences of men and women who have experienced early pregnancy loss, late miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death

  • To explore bereaved parents’ attitudes and experiences, and then to assess how this interacts with biological or socio-demographic causes of pregnancy loss.

  • To improve understanding and increase awareness of the consequences of pregnancy loss amongst healthcare professionals.

  • To examine the impact and costs of pregnancy loss in the next pregnancy on parents and healthcare professionals

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

An Roinn Obstatraice agus Gínéiceolaíochta

Cork University Maternity Hospital, 5th Floor, Wilton, Cork, Ireland