World Café on the UN SDGs and Nursing & Midwifery held.

31 Mar 2023
Dr Angela Flynn during the fully booked workshop

The data from the workshop has been harvested and will be analysed with an aim to publish a paper on the findings

On Thursday 30th March a pre-conference World Café event was held in the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Arranged and hosted by Dr Angela Flynn, the fully booked workshop involved a range of nurses and midwives working through the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and asking themselves two questions: “How does this SDG relate to nursing and/or midwifery practice?”, and “Should we include in on the curriculum, and if so how?”. The 17 SDGs were distributed across six tables in the room and participants moved table every 20 minutes, and built on the contributions made by the previous group.

Explaining the rationale for the workshop, Dr Flynn explained “Healthcare is one of the largest contributors to climate change  and in addition healthcare globally will have to deal with the health consequences of climate change, some of which we are already seeing. We all have to work at making our practices more sustainable and that begins with education and training”. Dr Flynn is currently on research sabbatical leave and is undertaking research into the embedding of sustainability and the UNSDGs into the nursing curriculum. Next week she will visit academics in Esslingen University who have undertaken research on sustainability in undergraduate nursing education. She hopes to learn from their experiences and to gain insights into the most effective way to achieve the meaningful inclusion of sustainability and climate change education into our programmes here in UCC.

Dr Flynn is also currently undertaking a survey of nurses and midwives’ attitudes to sustainability via an online questionnaire. The questionnaire uses an instrument that has been used by a number of other European studies which will enable comparisons across countries to be made. All nurses and midwives are encouraged to complete the questionnaire to add to this body of knowledge.

A big thank you to all who attended the workshop and contributed so much of their time, thoughts, and energies into answering the questions set. The data from the workshop has been harvested and will be analysed with an aim to publish a paper on the findings. 

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