The School of Nursing and Midwifery UCC to pilot the use of eCADs in Nursing for the very first time in Ireland

23 Nov 2020

Technology is playing a central role in transforming teaching, learning and assessment practice

Technology is playing a central role in transforming teaching, learning and assessment practice in higher education and from a healthcare perspective providing us with new ways of working. Currently, the assessment of undergraduate nursing and midwifery practice-based learning is based on a paper-based assessment document. Issues have been raised with regards to paper-based assessment which include but are not limited to incomplete records, loss and damage to the document and illegibility or writing. In addition, factors such as the escalating costs of producing paper-based portfolios and the administrative workload associated with paper-based portfolios are driving forces for the impetus for change to an e-based system.

This year 2nd General Nursing Students from the Bon Secours Hospital and the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital and 2nd Year Intellectual Disability Nursing Students COPE Foundation will be piloting the completion of their clinical assessments using an iPad for the entirety of their 2nd Year scheduled placement 2020/21. The use of such an e-based system in clinical practice will facilitate a move towards a more flexible learning environment and enable students to adapt in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. Furthermore, we are aware that Covid-19 can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces and paper-based systems can contribute to viral transmission due to increased surface contact and the movement of documents from infected to non-infected areas. In light of Covid-19, it has been recommended that healthcare organisations embrace electronic or digital systems to mitigate the risk of viral transmission. The team will be exploring the feasibility of using the e-CAD for assessment on clinical placement with students, preceptors and CPCS at the end of the year.

Project Team: Dr Brendan Noonan (Project Lead UCC); Mr Thomas Erlandsson (UCC); Mr Eoin Ryan (UCC); Ms Tina Hennessy (COPE Foundation); Ms Maeve O’Hagan (SIVIUH); Ms Maire Healy (SIVUH); Ms Catherine O’Mahony (BSH); Dr Teresa Wills (UCC); Mr Sean McCloskey (UCC); Dr Maria Caples (UCC); Mr Damien Drohan (UCC); Dr Vera McCarthy (UCC); Ms Felicity Lee (UCC); Ms Caroline O’Connor (UCC); Ms Sinead O’Brien (UCC); Mr Johnny Goodwin (UCC); Dr Aileen Burton (UCC); Mr Éanna O’Bradaigh (Apple Inc.)


2 Highlights 

·         The School of Nursing and Midwifery UCC to pilot the use of an eCAD for clinical placement assessments.

·         In light of COVID-19, an e-based system of assessment (eCAD) diminishes the risk of viral transmission.

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