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Audio Visual Support Service

The Audio Visual Support service for the School of Nursing and Midwifery is an area that offers and aids both staff and students in the utilisation of any of the audio visual facilities contained within the School and beyond. This would range from the provision of required equipment and media to the production of material including recording of procedures and presentations for evaluation or indeed promotional tasks.

Its main remit would be to facilitate the Digital Recording facility contained within the Clinical Skills Simulation Centre which allows lecturing staff and students alike to record any medical procedures or indeed communication skills being performed within the Clinical Skills Resource Centre for instant  review or evaluation at a later date.

The Audio Visual Support service also works in conjunction with the IT services of the school as these two areas are now very much intertwined thus ensuring a smooth and unseen transition for any crossover in the work load between the areas of AV and IT within the school.

Audio Visual....what we have to offer.

  • Acousticly controlled studio with photographic equipment and backdrops

  • Tandberg portable video conferencing kit

  • Camera and photographic equipment including lens, printers and rotational virtual lens

  • Still and video cameras for use throughout complex  

  • Audio conferencing equipment including tele and IP

  • Audio and video editing software

  • Radio mic systems, both tie and handheld

  • Portable PA systems

  • Dictaphone and transcription equipment

  • LCD display panels for Clinical Skills Areas

  • Video recorders, dvd recorders, various switchers and LCD panels

  • Computer and video display units for our own in house lecture areas

  • DVD fast copier, comber cd/cassette players

  • Audio cassette fast copiers and transcription recorders and transcription software with control pedals

  • Various audio/video material as an aid to lecturing staff and students

  • Various test equipment

  • Various mic stands and mics

  • Various office equipment..laminator, trimmer, photo printers and writers

  • Various equipment allowing the transmission of lectures to other venues within Brookfield Health Science Complex

  • Variety of timing devices to faciliate in the time-keeping in examinations

Staff Resources

  • Video and Audio conferencing

    Video and Audio conferencing both nationally and internationally is available using both ISDN and IP connections, and utilising the HEA network.

  • Digital Archive System

    In house digital recording system that archives material both from classroom, clinical labs and the School's video library for viewing at a later date. Editing of material is also undertaken.

  • Photography

    A photographic facility is available allowing photographic records to be made. (eg of visiting colleagues from other Universities, student groups and promotional material)

  • Audio and Video recording

    Includes classroom recordings of student groups, individual recordings and inhouse promotional material.

    Production of video and audio material for class use.

  • Three camera studio

    This studio is available for video and audio conferencing.

    Recording of communication skills recording.

    Photographic work.

  • Off air programme recording

    This faciliates the recording of relevant programme material for use by staff and student

  • Additional Support Services

    Aid in the production of class presentations and poster design.

    Digital Display facility within Brookfield building highlighting up coming events, conferences, class room changes, cancellations, etc.

    Recording and in house transmission of lectures and communication skills to be view in another or several locations.

Student Resources

  • AV Services offered to the students to support them during their time here in the School of Nursing and Midwifery.

  • Dictation and transcription equipment.

  • Video and audio recording of presentations, debates, etc.

  • Assistance with use of the Digital Recording System.

  • Aid in the production of material for in class evaluation.

  • Advisory and inhouse aid to resolving any audio visual problems encountered.

AV Projects

  • Current on-going up date work on the Digital Signage facility.

  • Promotional work including production of flyers, posters, adverts, video and audio clips etc.

  • In-house development of tutorial videos for students.

  • Video conferencing as part of the lecturing facility to aid the off campus students for the Nurse Prescribing Course.

  • Ongoing up dating of inhouse video and audio library and archiving material for downloadable viewing.

Copyright Issues

As part of the facility within the Audio Visual Support service, photographic and video recording is done on an on going basis and this material is held in archive for use as the School deems fit.

This may be utilised for training, promotional or indeed instructional material. It is endeavoured to ensure that only material that is used has the permissions of the persons within the chosen photo or video clip and that all persons would be shown in the best possible situation.

Further information is available at;

Details of Copyright in UCC

See also copyright policy and UCC policy document

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