Mental Health and Well-being

Research Team

Research Leader:

Dr Aine Horgan

Research Members:

Dr Stephen Bradley

Prof Eileen Savage

Ms Moira O’Donovan

Mr Johnny Goodwin

Mr Rory Doody

Aims & Objectives


To conduct national and international collaborative research that enhances the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and families 

Specific Objectives:

  • To enhance knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing
  • To develop participatory methodologies in mental health and wellbeing research
  • To generate and disseminate research that is relevant to clinical practice and communities
  • To develop expertise in mental health research within the school
  • To promote the mental health and wellbeing of young people

Research Interests

Young people’s mental health, Patient/service user and public involvement in research/co-production of research and education, Families, Recovery processes, Web based interventions, Peer support, Hope 

ENGAGE – Interdisciplinary Clinical Mental Health Research

ENGAGE, Interdisciplinary Clinical Mental Health Research Network aims to promote, generate and disseminates high quality collaborative research to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of people across the lifespan. The network is based on principles of inclusivity and partnership across communities and services, and values diversity in perspectives on mental health and methodological ideologies. The Network is based within the College of Medicine and Health at University College Cork. ENGAGE is a collaborative venture between UCC, the HSE and the voluntary sector that aims to forge alliances between clinicians, service users, carers, the public and researchers from across the Southern region. The network’s interdisciplinary nature allows for multiple perspectives in addressing complex challenges in the field of mental health, and as such can inform public policy, academic debates and professional practice in mental health.

The network is chaired by Dr Aine Horgan 





Research Students

This group is currently formulating its terms of reference. It is a collaboration between mental health nursing academics and mental health nursing practitioners in the Southern Region

The group is Chaired by Dr Stephen Bradley 




Mental Health Nursing Research Group

PhD Students

John Goodwin

Peter Kelly


Moira O’Donovan


Michael Anthony Reen

Joan Murphy

Marie O’ Malley

MSc Research

Martina Ryan

Ciaran McClelland

Stephanie Allen



Research Projects

COMMUNE (Co-production of mental health nursing education)

School Bullying – An evaluation of Cyclone Rep theatre intervention

Emotional wellbeing and help-seeking behaviour in young people

National Clinical Leadership Analysis in Nursing

Systematic review of the use of new technologies for mental health by university students

Prometheus (Promotion of mental health and wellbeing amongst European University Students)

Research Publications

Publications (chronologically)

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