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Research Areas

Research activities in the School of Nursing and Midwifery are organized through five Recognized Research Areas (RRA's) seen below;

  1. Maternal and child health.

  2. Chronic illness management - children, young people and adults.

  3. The health and life experiences of individuals and their families during the cancer trajectory.

  4. Healthy ageing.

  5. End-of-life Healthcare Ethics.

Research Teams focus on a particular theme, formulates its aims and undertakes research activities in fulfillment of these. It is a key objective of each research team to link with other academics, researchers and allied health care professionals within the College of Medicine and Health and beyond.

RRA's provide a forum for researchers to disseminate and share ideas and for a team approach to setting the key research agenda for the School.  They also provide a focus for student research to link with the work of senior staff members.

Research Strategy

The School’s Research Strategy provides a focus for the research activities of staff members and postgraduate students. Innovative, measurable, achievable goals as outlined by past and current strategic plans ensure the continual advancement of the reputation of the School as a centre of excellence in nursing and midwifery research.

Please click on Research Strategy for further information.

Research Facilities

There is an excellent infrastructure of supervision and support for MSc, PhD and DN students both off and on campus. Resources which are provided include extensive library services in Brookfield and main campus, the provision of dedicated post graduate rooms as well as online access to web and student e-mail accounts.

We continually promote a culture which values research and researchers, which is facilitated by: 

  • The development and implementation of our research strategy.

  • The creation of research areas of expertise with identified leaders at PhD level

  • The presence of Fulbright Scholars and Visiting Professors acting as research consultants within the School.

  • The location of the School of Nursing & Midwifery within the Brookfield Health Sciences Complex which is in close proximity to other health care disciplines within the College of Medicine and Health.

  • The presence of Fulbright Scholars and Visiting Professors acting as research consultants within the School.

  • Success in attaining funding.

  • Building national and international links with researchers and practitioners.

  • Availability of designated office space for researchers and access to online library facilities.

  • Organisation of School research seminars and conferences which provide opportunities for researchers to present their findings, engage in dialogue with peers about specific research topics/methodologies and share ideas.

Research Courses

There are a number of research courses on offer at the School, including PhD, Doctor of Nursing, Masters by Research and a Research Methods CPD module.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD please make contact with the Head of School or the relevant Research Theme Leader

The purpose of these themes is to focus on specific selected areas of research thus developing subject expertise and providing a forum for support of researchers interested in specific research areas. Further information regarding PhD application and regulations governing PhD programmes can be accessed on the Graduate Studies website.

Please click on the following links to learn more about our Doctor of Nursing and Research Masters programmes and our Research Methods CPD module.

Please click to Download MSc Nursing (Research Mode) Flyer.

Key publications reflecting perceptions of research priorities

Key publications that reflect nurses and midwives perceptions of research priorities in Ireland are:

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The School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College Cork, is uniquely positioned to pursue an agenda of excellence in both the teaching of the principles underpinning research and the engagement of both staff and students in undertaking quality research.

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