Scientific Papers 2016

Peer-reviewed manuscripts

*Bold print signifies NPEC staff member. 

'Peripartum hysterectomy incidence, risk factors and clinical characteristics in Ireland'. Campbell Sarah M, Corcoran Paul, Manning Edel, Greene Richard A, for the Severe Maternal Morbidity Advisory Group (2016). European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology

'Caring for parents at the time of stillbirth: how can we do better?'O O'Connell, S Meaney, K O'Donoghue (2016) 'Caring for parents at the time of stillbirth: how can we do better?'. Women and Birth, 29 (4):345-349.

'Parents' concerns of pregnancy after stillbirth' S Meaney, CM Everard, S Gallagher, K O'Donoghue (2016). Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy.

'Perinatal Outcomes of Reduced Fetal Movements: A Prospective Cohort Study' CM McCarthy, S Meaney, K O'Donoghue (2016) BMC Pregnancy And Childbirth, 16 (169).

'The Place of Faith for Consultant Obstetricians Following Stillbirth: A Qualitative Exploratory Study' Nuzum, D, Meaney, S, O'Donoghue, K (2016). Journal of religion and health, 55 :1519-1528.

'A qualitative study investigating the barriers to returning to work for breastfeeding mothers in Ireland' Desmond D, Meaney S. (2016) International Breastfeeding Journal, 11 (1).

'Women's experience of maternal morbidity: a qualitative analysis' S Meaney, L O'Connor, JE Lutomski, K O'Donoghue, R Greene (2016). BMC Pregnancy And Childbirth, 16 (184).

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