12.01.2006 Chinese Journalists visit UCC, 11/12 January
05.01.2006 UCC student to benefit from Heineken Ireland support
05.01.2006 McNeil Ltd Sponsor Prize at UCC's School of Pharmacy
16.01.2006 Natural Solutions to Today's Medical Problems - Public Forum at UCC, 24 January
17.01.2006 UCC Researcher Wins $10,000 International Meat Science Prize
19.01.2006 Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers' Association (ICSA) sponsor prize at University College Cork (UCC)
19.01.2006 "The Long Revolution: The 1916 Rising in Context" - UCC Conference, 27/28 January
23.01.2006 New Course at UCC on International Development Strengthens Links to Developing Countries
24.01.2006 Publication of Report of Dr Deirdre Madden on Post Mortem Practice and Procedures
24.01.2006 Schools Initiative by UCC's Department of Computer Science Advances
27.01.2006 Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment signs agreement for Tyndall National Institute, UCC
30.01.2006 John A. Murphy is Cork Person of Year
30.01.2006 UCC's Careers Service hosts the 2006 Postgraduate Studies Exhibition
31.01.2006 Presentation of UCC Sports Scholarships 2005/06
31.01.2006 University College Cork (UCC) Announces Sports Studies BEd Degree Programme
01.02.2006 UCC's Law Faculty presents Seminar on Human Rights for Lawyers, 3 February
03.02.2006 Response to McKinsey report on paediatric services by Professor Jonathan Hourihane
07.02.2006 Fourth Annual Lecture in Informatics at UCC, 20 February
13.02.2006 Starting a Food Business? - Look to University College Cork
14.02.2006 "Ireland's future - Chicago or Copenhagen" - David Begg to deliver lecture at UCC, 27 February
17.02.2006 National Digital Learning Repository Launch at UCC, 21 February
15.02.2006 Prestigious Exhibition for UCC's Lewis Glucksman Gallery
16.02.2006 Internationally-Renowned Poetry Critic to deliver Annual Yeats Lecture at UCC, 21 February
20.02.2006 International Cultures Week at UCC, 20-24 February
21.02.2006 UCC hosts the 49th Annual Irish Geological Research Meeting, 24-26 February
27.02.2006 Proud Day for UCC Students and Graduates at Annual Prizegiving Ceremony
07.02.2006 Celtic Celebration at University College Cork (UCC), 7-10 March
03.03.2006 Franco-Irish Studies Conference at UCC, 10-12 March
03.03.2006 Mexico beckons for Computer Whiz Kid
06.03.2006 The Cavanagh Pharmacy Building opened at UCC, 6 March
09.03.2006 Launch of Healthy Eating Week at University College Cork (UCC), 13 March
10.03.2006 Inaugural Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Ireland Chapter Meeting at UCC
10.03.2006 Range of Healthy Smoothies Wins UCC Food Innovation Prize
13.03.2006 Science For All Competition - Mystery of Science unfolded at UCC Postgraduate Competition
16.03.2006 Crowleys DFK supports UCC's Access Programme
22.03.2006 South Africa pushes for Research Links with Ireland
22.03.2006 Plan your future at UCC's Open Day, 31 March
23.03.2006 Voyage of discovery for secondary school students at UCC Boole Informatics Invitational, 29 March
27.03.2006 150 Years of SMA Solidarity with Africa - UCC Conference, 30-31 March
03.04.2006 University College Cork (UCC) hosts Annual Access Programme Easter School
03.04.2006 Students WISE up at University College Cork (UCC)
03.04.2006 Adult Continuing Education Open Evening at University College Cork (UCC)
04.04.2006 UCC Students to attend United Nations University Conference, 10-15 April
04.04.2006 Positive Lives: Positive Responses to HIV/AIDS - Exhibition at UCC
04.04.2006 New Irish Coastal Network Announced at UCC, 4 April
05.04.2006 Passionate About Languages - Schools Language Competition at UCC
07.04.2006 "Science Speak" , 15 May
10.04.2006 UCC Annual Sports Star Awards 2005-2006
10.04.2006 Law Society of Ireland Announces Training for Solicitors in Cork
10.04.2006 Oral Archive on Return Migration launched at University College Cork (UCC)
12.04.2006 UCC BIS Students win Enterprise Ireland Merit Award
13.04.2006 Child and Family Welfare Teaching Colloquium at UCC, 21 April
24.04.2006 Globalisation Roundtable Discussion at UCC, 24 April
24.04.2006 Student Support Services Booklet Launched, 24 April
25.04.2006 Waters Corporation and UCC Announce Partnership, 27 April
26.04.2006 UCC Conference to Examine a Number of Urgent Themes in Environmental Law, 27 April
27.04.2006 Talk on 1916 Rising to be delivered by Micheál Martin TD, Minister for Enterprise, Trade & Employment
27.04.2006 Major new training initiative announced to support the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry
08.05.2006 "Inventors Grow in Schools" - novel initiative by UCC's Process & Chemical Engineering Department
09.05.2006 Codes and Cryptography - UCC Workshop, 22-23 May
11.05.2006 Education Delegation from Vietnam visit UCC, 10 May
12.05.2006 Schools Competition Promotes History Awareness
12.05.2006 Learning and living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - Open Day, 27 May
12.05.2006 New Research Communications Portfolio launched at UCC, 12 May
15.05.2006 Criminal Justice Conference at UCC, 1 June
16.05.2006 School Project Awards Competition for UCC's Access-Linked Schools
16.05.2006 Honorary Conferrings 2006 - University College Cork, 2 June
18.05.2006 Faculty of Law appoints Hon. Mr Justice Paul Carney as Adjunct Professor
26.05.2006 Official Opening of Crèche Cois Laoi, UCC
29.05.2006 UCC President to retire effective from 31 January 2007
31.05.2006 Spinal Injury: Reason for Hope - Public Lecture at UCC, 8 June
06.06.2006 Bridging the Gap 2006 Showcase, 7/8 June
12.06.2006 Digitising Ethnography - Symposium at UCC, 14 June
12.06.2006 "Language and Identity" - Seminar at UCC, 15-16 June
13.06.2006 Fundraising Event for Online Resource at UCC, 23 June
14.06.2006 UCC hosts International Conference on Coastal Management and Geographic Information Systems
13.06.2006 Irish Nutrition Society Focuses on Nutrition and Health in Children, 14-16 June
15.06.2006 Summer Conferrings at University College Cork (UCC), 15 June
19.06.2006 TREO - Setting the direction for science education and outreach in Ireland
19.06.2006 "Town Meets Gown" at UCC, 20 June
08.06.2006 Munster Programming Training (MPT) Graduation Day at University College Cork (UCC)
20.06.2006 Appointment of Alan Crosbie as Adjunct Professor in Family Business Centre, UCC
20.06.2006 Director of Glucksman Gallery awarded prestigious Jerome Hynes Fellowship
21.06.2006 Launch of The Institute for Chinese Studies and Degree Course in Chinese Studies at UCC
22.06.2006 Unique Crawford Observatory re-opens at University College Cork (UCC)
23.06.2006 Centre for Architectural Education in Cork
23.06.2006 UCC/Centocor Biologics Partnership
23.06.2006 Official Opening of the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork (UCC)
27.06.2006 Finding focus at UCC Summer Academy, 26-30 June
29.06.2006 UCC hosts Junior Cycle Science Summer Camp, 3-7 July
29.06.2006 Unique Coastal and Marine Portal Launched, 29 June
30.06.2006 Ernst & Young, Cork supports UCC Access Programme
03.07.2006 UCC Chemistry Researcher wins Major International Chromatography Prize
10.07.2006 Consultants' letters valued by patients - UCC Study
11.07.2006 Second Turtle Tracked from Dingle Peninsula
14.07.2006 New MA in the History of the Irish Diaspora and Settlement at UCC
14.07.2006 Ireland's Top Research Universities move towards greater collaboration
20.07.2006 UCC hosts Summer School for Deaf and hard of hearing students
24.07.2006 University College Cork (UCC) hosts e-Law Summer Institute
25.07.2006 Launch of the Marine Irish Digital Atlas (MIDA) at University College Cork (UCC)
26.07.2006 27th International Summer School in Irish Studies at University College Cork (UCC)
27.07.2006 Charity Concert at University College Cork (UCC), 3 August
27.07.2006 Ireland and the Global Question
27.07.2006 UCC Microbiologist Awarded Oxoid Pierce Prize
27.07.2006 Online Access to 5000 Irish Experts
08.08.2006 Summer Events at the Glucksman, UCC
10.08.2006 Cork Medics descend on Galway
16.08.2006 Jens-Peter Bonde MEP to speak at Law Department, University College Cork.
22.08.2006 GlaxoSmithKline to establish a major drug discovery collaborative research project with the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, Ireland
25.08.2006 Violence: A Public Health Issue, 7 & 8 September 2006
25.08.2006 Flagship 'Early Start' programme welcomes international students to study in UCC
30.08.2006 Entrepreneurs and academics meet in Cork for the Irish Academy of Management Conference
31.08.2006 World's marine ecosystem issues addressed by European Marine Biology Symposium at UCC
31.08.2006 Cooling Out: Two New Exhibitions in the UCC's Glucksman Gallery
31.08.2006 Bob Geldof to headline this year's Irish Family Business Conference at UCC
31.08.2006 UCC Biochemist wins Young Investigator Award at Bioscience 2006
01.09.2006 UCC hosts International Workshop on the Future of Food Processing
04.09.2006 UCC hosts Applied Linguistics International Conference, 7-9 September
05.09.2006 UCC Pharmacologist wins Major Psychopharmacology Award
04.09.2006 The Art of Letters - Archival Exhibition
11.09.2006 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC) – 11 September 2006
12.09.2006 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC) - 12 September 2006
13.09.2006 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC) – 13 September 2006
13.09.2006 'Stories in Stone' - Minister O'Donoghue to launch exhibition at University College Cork (UCC)
14.09.2006 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork – 14 September 2006
15.09.2006 University Co-operation Accord
15.09.2006 Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork - 15 September 2006
18.09.2006 University College Cork (UCC) hosts Neuroscience Ireland Inaugural Conference
18.09.2006 University College Cork (UCC) launches its new Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)-funded Initiative
20.09.2006 Glucksman reveals the art of looking to Munster
21.09.2006 Work starts on UCC IT Building
26.09.2006 Irish-Russian links established at University College Cork (UCC)
26.09.2006 Pregnant and Allergic? - Research Study
26.09.2006 Innovative Teaching Practices for UCC Pharmacy Students
27.09.2006 Ireland Retains Position in International Competitiveness Rankings
29.09.2006 Mapping Ireland's Colonial Past
03.10.2006 Public Lecture at UCC - "The Evolution of the Irish Joke" , 5 October
05.10.2006 Scientific links established between UCC and China
06.10.2006 The Irish Pest Control Accel Project launched at University College Cork (UCC)
06.10.2006 The Humanities and Social Sciences in 21st Century Ireland - Delivering the Knowledge Society
09.10.2006 UCC OPEN DAY 2006
22.09.2006 GlaxoSmithKline to establish a major drug discovery collaborative research project with the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre (APC)
12.10.2006 Ireland joins the European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)
12.10.2006 Does Politics Still Matter? Political Scientists gather at UCC for International Conference
16.10.2006 UCC to host International Conference “CHINA in the 21st Century: Culture, Politics and Business”
17.10.2006 Reading the Sacred Scriptures - Public Lecture Series at UCC
19.10.2006 Presentation of Adult Continuing Education Awards at UCC
20.10.2006 UCC's Careers Service hosts Two-Day Recruitment Fair
26.10.2006 International Art Expert to deliver Public Lecture at UCC, 2 November
27.10.2006 Pupils display musical skills
27.10.2006 WorldCom and the Ways of Wall Street - Public Lecture at UCC, 2 November
31.10.2006 UCC's Careers Service hosts Education Expo, 9 November
01.11.2006 Henry Ford & Son Limited Continues Support of UCC Alumni Achievement Awards
01.11.2006 Irish Universities Association (IUA) Appointment
01.11.2006 Statement following the University College Cork Governing Body Meeting of 31st October 2006
03.11.2006 UCC Hosts Mental Health Conference , 17 November
06.11.2006 UCC Journalism Conference 2006, 15 November
06.11.2006 Creating an Intercultural Campus at UCC
06.11.2006 90th Anniversary of the Honan Chapel
08.11.2006 Presentation of UCC Sports Scholarships 2006/07, 8 November
09.11.2006 Publication of the Report of the Working Group on Post Mortem Practice
09.11.2006 UCC Supporting Science - Science Week 2006
10.11.2006 Health: Looking to the Future - UCC Conference, 17 November
13.11.2006 Harvard beckons!
13.11.2006 Power of One Street Campaign, 18 November
13.11.2006 Professor David Gwynn Morgan appointed to the Balance in the Criminal Law Expert Review Group
15.11.2006 Construction Industry Leaders meet at UCC, 15 November
15.11.2006 Inaugural SFI/Dell Young Women in Engineering Scholarship Awards
17.11.2006 Get Mobile with Gut Buster - Novel approach to Science
21.11.2006 "Defamation and Privacy: Recent Developments in Law and Policy" - UCC Conference
28.11.2006 Reassessment of Stalin by UCC Historian
29.11.2006 Mary Robinson to deliver Annual Lecture hosted by Irish Yearbook of International Law
01.12.2006 Alumni Achievement Awards 2006
04.12.2006 Leading Innovator in Art Practice to deliver Public Lecture at UCC
04.12.2006 Irish Language Scheme Agreed with University College Cork (UCC)
04.12.2006 A First for UCC Commerce Students!
08.12.2006 "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art" - International Forum
12.12.2006 University College Cork (UCC) continues to attract excellent students nationwide
13.12.2006 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 13 December
14.12.2006 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 14 December
15.12.2006 Winter Conferring Ceremonies at University College Cork (UCC), 15 December
15.12.2006 UCC's History Department hosts Annual Conference of the British International Studies Association
15.12.2006 Boost for UCC Course
18.12.2006 Cork University Press (CUP) Publication in Top Five