Neonatal Resuscitation Programme

The Provider course is a modular program based on self-learning, didactic teaching and, most importantly, skills training. It is offered in a half-day workshop format under the direction of a physician.  Before commencing the course, it is essential that the Provider Textbook  be studied in detail. The course includes time for participants to practice the skills outlined in the manual, under the guidance of the instructor. Testing of the 7th edition requires that all participants successfully complete an online test prior to the set course date. Participants will be tested on their practical skills on the day of the course. At the end of the course, participants are asked to demonstrate all skills in the appropriate sequence, and to show how they would deal with problems in resuscitation, in a mock delivery situation or "Megacode".

NRP Provider registration requires successful completion of the program. The name of each successful participant is registered with University College Cork and an NRP Provider card is issued. If a participant is unable to reach the required standard for any or all lessons, including practical skills, appropriate feedback and practice time is allowed before repeating the test. If, despite this, the participant cannot master the necessary skills, the participant is not registered as an NRP Provider, and may wish to review his or her role in the care of newborns, until there is a chance to repeat the program. (Such difficulties are rare.) NRP Provider registration lasts for two years and is renewable by reviewing any new information, successfully repeating the written tests, and demonstrating competence in a "Megacode". This may be done in the Provider's own institution, with the aid of a registered NRP Instructor.

The NRP Instructor course is open to those who have a current NRP Provider card and have, or plan to have, active involvement in neonatal resuscitation and teaching in their own hospital. They should also have at least one year's experience in the labour & delivery or nursery area. The Instructor course is a one-day course devised by the NRP Advisory Group, which includes trained educators. The course allows the participants to hone their skills in resuscitation, and to learn how to teach these skills to others. The curriculum encompasses didactic teaching on adult learning theory and teaching technique, including the use of audiovisual material. The participants present a prepared topic of relevance to the Provider course, and are taught how to supervise a Megacode and to evaluate candidates. Guidance is provided on the organization and execution of Provider courses. The Instructor's manual published by the American Heart Association is provided.       


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