Undergraduate Student Bursary Applications

Undergraduate Students

Students on the following programmes:

  • BEd Gaeilge
  • BSc in Science Education
  • BEd in Sports Studies & Physical Education

may be eligible for the following:

  • NAT Bursaries (for students from specific target groups that are currently underrepresented in teaching)
  • Student Assistance Fund (for all other students in financial need)

How to Apply

There are two application routes for undergraduate students: Route 1 and Route 2.

Route 1 is for all undergraduates (with the exception of HEAR-eligible students). In other words, Route 1 for students who did not enter UCC through the HEAR scheme and are not currently registered with the UCC PLUS programme. 

Route 2 is specifically for students on the above courses who are considered HEAR-eligible. In the vast majority of cases, HEAR-eligible students will have entered UCC through the HEAR - Higher Education Access Route and will be aware of their status as a 'HEAR-eligible' student.

If you are unsure which application route you should use please email us at nat@ucc.ie for further guidance on your application.

Please note: Neither route is assessed more favourably than the other - the different routes are for administrative purposes only.

If you have a query about your eligibility for the NAT Bursaries please contact the New Avenues to Teaching (NAT) Team at:



If you have a query about the application process or the Student Assistance Fund please contact the Student Assistance Fund Team at:


New Avenues to Teaching (NAT)

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