National Adult Nutrition Survey


Welcome to the National Adult Nutrition Survey website.

The National Adult Nutrition Survey represents a major investment in providing detailed food consumption data of the adult population in the Republic of Ireland. This website has been developed to answer questions about this survey. Hope you enjoy!


The National Adult Nutrition Survey (NANS) 2008 – 2010 was conducted in the Republic of Ireland, involving 1500 participants aged 18 years and over. In addition to detailed information on food consumption, data was also collected on lifestyle habits, including physical activity, attitudes to food and health, and factors influencing food choice. Physical measurements such as weight, height and body fat were also taken along with blood pressure measurement. Blood and urine samples were collected for analysis of nutrition and metabolic indicators.  

National Adult Nutrition Survey

School of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork / Institute of Food and Health, University College Dublin