Research Seminar Series

Research Seminar Series

Thursday Research Seminars (11am, O’Riada Hall, Dept. of Music, Sunday’s Well)

Weekly Research Seminars contribute to the Department’s vibrant research culture, featuring lectures, performances and dialogues with internationally renowned scholars and artists. Reflecting the Department’s interdisciplinary ethos, the seminars present a wide range of topics from a variety of music disciplines and perspectives, addressing the latest research in musicology, ethnomusicology, composition, performance studies and music education as well as a breadth of musical traditions ranging from the Western canon to various traditional, contemporary, jazz and popular music genres as well as music for film and other media. Some of our distinguished visitors from all over the world include Gerald Barry, Thomas Buckner, Beverly Diamond, David Trippett, Julie Brown, Kevin Donnelly, David Hughes, Laudan Nooshin, Mark Slobin, John Sloboda and Jennifer Walshe. Research seminars are attended by final-year undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff and are also open to the public.


Please see our FUAIM event listings for details of upcoming Research Seminars.

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