Interdisciplinary Faculty Affiliates in Music Scheme

The Interdisciplinary Faculty Affiliates in Music Scheme (IFAM) augments the scope of UCC’s Department of Music by creating an extended network of music and sound scholars who serve in other departments across UCC.  These Affiliated Faculty in Music (by Courtesy) are invited to participate in research forums, special events and conferences, serve on postgraduate thesis committees, join music-centered research clusters, and otherwise enrich the interdisciplinary conversations around music, sound, and performance studies at UCC.  IFAM, thus reaches out to Departments and Programs including History, French, Sociology, Computer Science, Folklore, English, Asian Studies, Digital Arts and Humanities, and the Study of Religions to make connections across the disciplines, bring new perspectives to the study of music, grow our family of sound scholars at UCC, establish UCC as the top center for interdisciplinary music studies in Ireland and the UK, and push interdisciplinary music studies forward internationally.


Current IFAM Affiliates  

Affiliate                                 Department                            Focus                          

Paul Hegarty                          French                                      Noise, Minimalism in the Arts

Eileen Hogan                         Applied Social Studies            Community Music, Creative Labor

Dave Murphy                         Computer Science                  Spatial Sound, Multimedia

Marie-Annick Desplanques      Folklore and Ethnology         Ethnomusicology, Poetics of fieldwork

Armida De La Garza               Screen Media & Dig. Hum.   New Media, Transnational Cinema

Jenny Butler                           Study of Religions                  Folk Metal, Popular Culture

Lidia Guzy                               Asian Studies                          Religion & Music, Marginalised Musics

Graham Allen                        English Literature                   Poetics, David Bowie, Intertextuality

Denis Linehan                       Geography                              Urban Sounds, Subcultures

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