Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Theatre offers Joint Honours and new three-year Single Honours undergraduate programmes. More info on the Admissions page for CK112

Teaching at Theatre is research-led and is informed by a practice-based approach to teaching and the complementary relationship between theory and practice. The Department is located in the Connolly Complex adjacent to the Granary Theatre and has close relations with DRAMAT society (one of the best drama societies in the country). Both the wide-ranging cross-disciplinary Joint Honours and the practice-focused Single Honours degrees will provide students with the basis to go on to further work in a wide variety of fields: pursue further specialisation, training and apprenticeships in theatre, film and television, work in education or form their own companies.

Over the past years, our Joint Honours graduates have successfully found employment in theatre, media, arts administration, education at all levels and have successfully established their own companies. 

Students enrolling for 2016-2017 programme please note the following criteria for application:

  • In order to be offered a place in CK112 all students must satisfy the minimum entry requirement of: H5 in two subjects, and O6/H7 in four other subjects in the Leaving Certificate from Irish, English, another language, and three other subjects recognised for entry purposes. 


  • Satisfy the additional programme requirements: applicants are required to pass an entrence test that involves taking part in a drama workshop. 


  • Achieved the required Leaving Certificate points for the programme.


Single Honours

Single Honours students in Drama and Theatre Studies take 50 credits in DTS  with a focus on theatre practice and 10 credits in another subject. The connection and close links with The Granary Theatre, Cork Opera House, Everyman Palace Theatre, Triskel Development Centre and The Firkin Crane among others allow our students exposure to a broad range of cultural and performance practices.


A total of 12 places will be offered to students wishing to register for 50 credits in second and third year. Places will be allocated based on:

  1. the interview results for CK112
  2. first year examination results from DR1003
  3. students pre-disposition for theatre practice.

Students take 60 credits as follows:

  • 50 credits in Drama and Theatre Studies
  • 10 credits in a chosen second subject carried forward from Year One (e.g. English or Music etc.)

The Single Honours students will work on an individual and/or a group performance project supervised by a core staff member in conjunction with leading professionals from the industry. Students working with DRAMAT (UCC drama student society) productions or theatre companies in Cork can get credits under independent projects. The Granary Theatre is the primary host for production projects and its professional venue potential is used as a resource for learning and teaching with clear enhancement of the student experience.

Single Honours credit choice:


Year 1:

30 credits Drama & Theatre Studies

30 credits in two other subjects (i.e. 15 credits French, 15 credits English)

Year 2:

50 credits Drama & Theatre Studies

10 credits in one other subject (ie. 10 credits French)

Year 3:

50 credits Drama & Theatre Studies

10 credits in one other subject (ie. 10 credits French)


Department of Theatre

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