Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

The teachers concerned with the course hope that every student will build from his or her unique starting point. On successful completion of these programmes, is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of social systems and human behaviour to promote social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment of people to enhance their well-being.
  2. Apply knowledge of social policy to critically examine and respond to the impact of social and political contexts on service users and social work.
  3. Reflectively evaluate and implement the values and ethics of the profession of social work as embodied in the Irish Association of Social Workers, CORU and International Federation of Social Workers codes.
  4. Promote principles of social justice, human rights and anti-oppressive practice as intrinsic elements of social work practice.
  5. Demonstrate core social work practice proficiencies in the areas of: professional autonomy and accountability,  interpersonal and professional relationships, effective communication, personal and professional development,  provision of quality services,  knowledge, understanding and skills.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of theory, legislation, policy, official inquiry reports and international conventions, to assessment and intervention planning in social work practice.
  7. Illustrate a reflective approach to learning that is self-directed, strengths-based and reflective.
  8. Engage in a process of self-awareness, self-monitoring and continuous professional development.Develop 'research minded' practitioners who will continue to update their knowledge and engage in systematic evaluation of their practice.
  9. Respond reflectively and reflexively as a social worker in a variety of social work settings, including multi-disciplinary contexts.


My experience of the Masters was very positive. What I really liked were the student placements, the opportunity and the challenge of putting into practice what I'd learned in college.  I gained many pratice skills throughout the course of my placements, but I also learned a lot about myself and the professional I hoped to be.  What really stuck with me is the course's commitment to reflective practice.  I'm now a child protection social worker and reflective practice is central to how I practice and influences me every day in how I aspire to be as a professional.

Noelle Cotter, Social Worker.  MSW Graduate 2011.       

School of Applied Social Studies

Staidéar Sóisialta Feidhmeach

William Thompson House, Donovan's Road, Cork, Ireland.