M.A. - Landscape, Built Heritage and Design

M.A. in Landscape, Built Heritage and Design

This Masters is not running in 2020-2021.


One-year Masters

PAC Code: CDK06

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Throughout the world, the interrelationships between built heritage, design and landscape can be complex; particularly when it comes to anticipating, managing and making decisions about change, development and progress. Important decisions about the character and heritage of our cities, neighbourhoods and rural areas are often made in technical, political and bureaucratic settings which many communities, developers, citizens and even specialists find difficult to engage with. Drawing on the principles of the European Landscape Convention and other high level instruments, this MA develops the kind of real world and cross disciplinary skills and competencies
that will enable people to become effective and persuasive participants in these processes so that, everywhere, more robust and sustainable decisions can be made about built environments, heritage and landscape assets.

Details of entry requirements, fees and application procedures are available on www.ucc.ie/en/ckd06/


Based in the Centre for Planning Education and Research (a full member of the Association of European Schools of Planning) this one-year course welcomes participants from many different academic backgrounds and subject areas. 

This ia a 90-credit course is taken on a full time basis over 12 months. It is taught through a mixture of classroom, field and studio sessions that cover theoretical, practical and design work. Graduates will have an understanding of how issues of landscape change in urban, rural and coastal settings can be addressed in effective ways by various stakeholders and be comfortable with the basic principles of conservation, protection and preservation of built heritage. 

They will also have a rounded sense of how new development can respect the character, traditions and quality of existing places while - in appropriate circumstances - facilitating change, improvement and development.  


The programme covers the three main subject areas (landscape, built heritage and design) through a set of inter-connected teaching modules that give it a practical, decision-making focus. 

 Students take these 5- credit core modules in the first two


PD6120 Landscape Character, Context and Change

PD6121 Open Space, Landscape and Design

PD6122 Planning and Design for Built Heritage

PD6132 Observation, Drawing and the use of Spatial Data 

PD6133 Engagement and Communication Skills 

PD6134 Introduction to Processes and Participation in

PD6136 Introduction to Spatial planning at the City scale

PD6138 Introduction to Urban Design

PD6227 Planning and Landscape in Rural Environments

LW6106 Legal Concepts for Heritage and the Environment

A further two modules are chosen from a list which, subject to availability, covers subjects such as human ecology, architectural contextual studies, strategic environmental assessment, geography of heritage, infrastructure and transport in planning and others.

 In the third (summer) semester, a major 30-credit research project / dissertation (PD6123) is carried out which focuses on a real-life practical case study.  This draws together all of the skills and learning from the earlier modules into a solid and creative piece of individual work.

People who graduate with this M.A.will have the capacity to be effective in the non-governmental sector, the government or local government sector, the community sector, the property and business sector and other fields that have a stake in the management and design of built heritage, landscapes and the quality of places.  The MA will be a useful complementary qualification for specialists in architecture, planning, building, environmental science, public policy, infrastructure, energy, community development, archaeology, cultural geography and a range of other fields.  Although it is offered only on a full-time basis at present, we welcome enquiries about taking individual modules as CPD (continuing professional development) subjects. Also, students who pass all of the taught modules, and who do not wish to undertake the dissertation, may opt to be conferred with a 60-credit UCC Higher Diploma in Landscape, Built Heritage and Design. 

 FULL COURSE DETAILS (including closing date for applications, fees etc) are available on: www.ucc.ie/en/ckd06/

 (Note: This MA is also relevant to the new National Landscape Strategy which was published in 2015. UCC made a submission to the preparation of this national policy and the submission can be viewed here: UCC submission to Draft National Landscape Strategy  

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