Conference Programme

Conference Programme

Conference Programme

(Note a number of minor amendments may appear in the final programme issued to delegates)

Confirmed Speakers

Prof. Sean Brady


Rockefeller University,NY.


Culture independent approaches for the

discovery of new bacterial metabolites


Dr. Fernando de la Calle




Commercial development of Marine Bioactives


Dr. Sohail Ali


PlymouthMarine Laboratory


Marine Enzymes: Novel Industrial Biocatalysts


Dr. Julia de Rezende


Aarhus University, Denmark


Thermophillic spore dispersal in cold water habitats


Dr. Jeanette Andersen


University of Tromso


Artic Sampling & Biodiscovery


Prof. Peter Golyshin


Bangor University


Cold-adapted Oil-degrading Marine Bacteria

Prof. Alan Dobson


University College Cork


Bioactivities from Irish Marine Sources


Prof. Marcel Jaspers


University of Aberdeen


Marine Symbiont Bioactives


Dr. Wei Huang


Sheffield University


Marine Biosensors


Dr.  Chantal Compere




Biofouling and Marine Biofilms


Dr. John McGrath


Queen's University Belfast


Marine Phosphorus Recycling


Dr. Michail Yakimov


Institute for Coastal Marine Environment, CNR, Italy


Hypersaline Anoxic Basins


Prof. Joseph Selvin


Pondicherry University, India


Antibiofilm biosurfactants


Dr. Donatella de Pascale


Institute of Protein Biochemistry, Naples, Italy.


Cold water enzymes