The University also allows students gain up to 90 credits for taking relevant courses.  This is recognised in the final transcript but does not form part of the decision to award a PhD. “A number of generic and disciplinary training modules are available to PhD candidates to provide them with research and transferable skills. Students may take modules up to a maximum of 90 credits as part of their PhD studies as advised by their Supervisor(s)”. (from the Calendar).

The Microbiology Department endorses this approach and both facilitates and requires students to take some modules.  Consult the calendar for post-graduate-level modules.

  • All first year postgraduates in Microbiology are required to take post-graduate module PG5001C [STEPS - Scientific Training for Enhanced Postgraduate Studies].
  • Postgraduates are encouraged to take PG5002C [Computer Training and Competence].
  • Postgraduates are required to take PG5005 [Biotechniques] at the end of  the 1st  or 2nd  year of PhD training.
  • Post-graduates may be required to take additional generic training modules that are organised in the future.
  • Postgraduates may be required to take discipline-specific modules as part of a tailored training programme.
  • Postgraduates may take additional modules to enhance their own knowledge and skill set.
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