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Summer 2018 PhD and MSc graduates

15 Jun 2018
Photo L-R: Dr Eimear Hurley, Dr Claire Watkins, Ms Chloe Matthews, Dr Hugh Harris, Dr Alli Lynch, Dr Kieran James, Dr Tom O Callaghan and Mr Ciaran O’Brien

Congratulations to the Summer 2018 PhD and MSc Graduates from the School of Microbiology.

Ten School of Microbiology students, including one Joint PhD with the Department of Oral Health and Development, Cork University Dental School and Hospital, were conferred at the Spring Conferring Ceremonies, University College Cork, on 15 June 2018.


Eimear Hurley PhD (Microbiology/Oral Health and Development)

The Oral Microbiota of Irish Children in Health and Disease: A Longitudinal and Cross Sectional Study.

Claire Watkins PhD

Microbial Therapeutics for Infant Gut Health

Chloe Matthews MSc

Rumen Function to Optimise Dairy Cow Milk Production and Nitrogen Utilisation Efficiency

Hugh Harris PhD

Comparative Microbial Genome Analysis of Lactobacilli

Alli Lynch PhD

The Genetic Characterisation of the Role of Glycine Lipids in Bacteroides

Kieran James PhD

Metabolism of Human Milk Oligosaccharides by Infant-Associated Bifidobacteria

Tom O Callaghan PhD

Effect of Cow Feeding Systems on the Quality and Constituents of Raw Milk, Dairy Products and the Rumen

Ciaran O’Brien MSc

Microbiota Related Biomarkers Predictive of Health Status


Two students were also conferred in absentia.

Loughlin Gethins MSc

Flavour Production in Fermented Beverages by the Yeast K. marxianus

Conor Roynane MSc

Genomics of Dairy Starter Cultures and their Bacteriophages

School of Microbiology

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