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A Scientific Conference organised by the School of Medicine Research & Postgraduate Affairs Committee UCC which takes place annually in December in Western Gateway Building UCC.

The conference will take place on Thursday, 7th December 2017

The Conference highlights the diverse range of translational research in UCC and includes plenary sessions with short oral and poster presentations.

 New Horizons Medical Conference 2016

The Schedule of Events is as follows: 

8.55 a.m.:        Welcome Address: Dr Liam Fanning Chair, School of Medicine, Research & Postgraduate Affairs Committee, University College Cork

Session 1 Chairs: Professor Colin Bradley & Dr Kathleen O'Sullivan

9.00 a.m.:        Professor Geraldine Boylan, Baby Brainwaves and Big Data

9.25 a.m.:        Concurrent validity of a Novel touchscreen based assessment tool for measuring cognitive development in toddlers: the Babyscreen app. CE Ahearne et al

9.35 a.m.:        Malnutrition in hospitalised older adults: A multicentre observational study of prevalence, associations and outcomes. E O Shea et al

9.45 a.m.:        The ‘Smart’ Needle – A Needle Integrated with an Impedance Sensor for Objective Nerve Localisation during Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Block. L Helen et al

9.55 a.m.:        Professor Jonathan Hourihane, Emerging Strategies for Prevention and Treatment of Food Allergy

10.20 a.m.:      Malnutrition and body composition predicts quality of life and survival: a cross sectional study of 880 ambulatory oncology patients. L Daly et al

10.30 a.m.:      Lentiviral overexpression of interleukin-1β in the hippocampus induces neurogenesis-associated cognitive deficits in touchscreen learning paradigms. CM Hueston et al

10.40 a.m.:      Profile of Suicides during Economic Recession and Recovery: A Comparison using Coroners’ Records in Ireland. D Leahy et al

10.50 a.m.:      COFFEE and viewing of posters in the Western Gateway Building Atrium

Session 2 Chairs: Dr Yvonne Nolan & Dr Colm O' Tuathaigh

11.15 a.m.:      Dr Niall Hyland, Influence of the Microbiome on host Gut Function and Physiology

11.35 a.m.:      Engineering Lactococcus lactis as a protein delivery platform for disease treatment. B Malone et al

11.45 a.m.:      E2 glycoprotein epitope mapping in antibody associated hepatitis C virus. AS Naik et al

11.55 a.m.:      The Diet and Exercise-Microbiome Paradigm: Distinct Functional Profiles of the Athlete Microbiome Revealed by Metabonomic and Metagenomic Analysis. W Barton et al

12.05 p.m.:     Dr John MacSharry, Exploring the role of the Microbiome in Asthma

12.25 p.m.:      A longitudinal investigation into the gut microbiota of people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and the effects of an altered gut microbiota on functionality and faecal metabolites as determined by the CFMATTERS study. F Fouhy et al

12.35 p.m.:      Towards a translational understanding of colonic bacteria in Crohn’s disease pathology. K O'Donoghue et al

12.45 p.m.:      Preclinical validation of Electrochemotherapy in the treatment of lung tumours. S Jahangeer et al

12.55 p.m.:      LUNCH and viewing of posters. Poster judging

Session 3 Chairs: Dr Collette Hand and Dr John O' Mullane

2.00 p.m.:        Dr Dervla O'Malley, Neuro-immune and neuro-endocrine signalling in IBS Pathophysiology

2.30 p.m.:        The brain ↔ gut axis in Parkinson’s disease (PD): Altered gut pathophysiology and increased gut inflammation in the rAAV-α-synuclein rat model of PD. SM O'Donovan et al

2.40 p.m.:        Winner UG Atlantic Corridor Conference 2016 - Microbiome and morphology: adult germ-free mice exhibit distinct hippocampal dendritic morphological changes. S Whelan

2.50 p.m.:        Dr Patrick Harrison, CRISPR Cas9 gene editing – engineering cells to model and treat disease

3.05 p.m.:        Professor Noel Caplice, Cardiac repair from mouse to man

3.55 p.m.:        Prize giving and meeting close. Professor Mary Horgan

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 New Horizons Booklet 2016

New Horizons Booklet 2016 (1,287kB)


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