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Terms of Reference document: RPAC Terms of Reference

Procedures for Approval of New Programmes/Changes

Procedures for Approval of New Programmes/Minor & Major Changes to Existing Programmes:

SOM - Guidelines for the Submission of Documents to RPAC

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Please see below GSO page with links to useful policies and also the 

Updated policy on all viva voces which includes virtual.





College of Medicine and Health

When submitting a New Programmes/Minor and Major changes to existing programmes please be cognisant of the deadlines for both RPAC, College of Medicine and Health Teaching & Curriculum committee and APAR. Please refer to the documents below that outline the draft dates for 2020 - 21. 

Please note this dates are subject to change. 

draft APAR Schedule 2020 - 21


draft College of Medicine and Health Work Schedule 2020 - 21

RPAC Committee Meeting Dates Academic Year 2020/21

RPAC Committee Meeting *Dates for 2020/21:

  • 23rd September 
  • 21st October
  • 18th November
  • 9th December
  • 3rd February
  • 10th March
  • 7th April
  • 16th June

*Please note these dates may be subject to change.

(No scheduled meetings during July, and August 2021.)

Please submit documents to the Research and Postgraduate Affairs Committee (rpac@ucc.ie) for review by the preceding Friday at noon, of Wednesday meetings. Documents submitted for review after this timeline may be deferred until the next available RPAC meeting.

Note: This does not apply to OPP/FPP submissions which must be submitted no later than ten days before the scheduled meeting, click here for more information


School of Medicine

Scoil an Leighis

Room 2.59, T12 AK54