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Medical Research Supplemental Award 2019

UCC School of Medicine supports active research participation by undergraduate medical students. It offers students the opportunity to participate in exciting projects, mentored by and working side-by-side by UCC-based research scientists and clinicians at the forefront of research frontiers in medicine.

The purpose of the medical research supplemental award is consistent with these aims, enabling undergraduate medical students to apply for funding in consultation with their Principal Investigators* for research consumables for a project involving one or more undergraduate medical students (under the supervision of Principal Investigators (PI)). All UCC-based academic staff and UCC-affiliated clinicians are eligible to apply for this award.

The applications and awards will be processed by the School of Medicine Research & Postgraduate Affairs (RPAC) Committee. The awards will be made to support ongoing or planned projects involving students currently studying medicine at UCC, and will have a maximum value of €500, which will be made available through the budget of the School of Medicine. To encourage applicants, the application process is simple, and all successful applicants will be notified within four weeks of the closing date. 

Any queries should be sent to

 ***OPEN until Wednesday, 9 January 2019***

Please read the following Medical Research Supplemental Awards 2019 Guidelines

Medical Research Supplemental Award Guidelines 2019

Please find the Medical Research Supplemental Awards 2019 application form here

Medical Research Supplemental Award 2019 Application Form



Supplement Award 2017

Applicant & Principal Investigator Student  Project Title
Dr Simon Cronin, Consultant Neurologist, Cork Neuro Science CNS Centre Kim O'Brien Incidence of Subsequent Stroke in Patients attending the TIA clinic in CUH
Dr Michelle Murphy, Consultant Dermatologist, SIVUH, Cork Yvonne Kiernan The effects of Dermatological and Rheumatological conditions and their associated medications on Oral Health
Dr Tony Foley, Lecturer, General Practice, School of Medicine, UCC Roseanne Tobin How to improve waiting times in GP surgeries – a survey of GPs
Prof David Kerins, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, UCC Cara Pray Prevalence of Bendopnea in Patients with Systolic Heart Failure
Prof Louise Kenny, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CUMH Eoin Roche Analysis of comparable home/clinic blood pressure readings in the LEANBH population
Dr Colm O'Tuathaigh, Lecturer, Medical Education Unit, School of Medicine, UCC Nor Faizaah Ahman Kamal Empathy and Perspective Taking among Medical Students: A correlational Analysis 
Dr Antoinette Tuthill, Consultant Endocrinologist, CUH Sarah Kelleher Investigating Predictive Factors in the First Trimester of Pregnancy for the later Development of Gestational Diabetes
Dr Gerard O'Keeffe, Senior Lecturer,                 Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, UCC Leah D'Souza Bridging the Gap: Transforming Radiographic Medical Education to Improve Quality of Care

Supplement Award 2016

Applicant & Principal Investigator Student  Project Title
Dr Deirdre Bennett, Head Medical Education Unit Philip Macilwraith Burnout, physical activity and extracurricular activity in medical students 
Dr. Bridget Maher,                           Senior Lecturer Medical Education Unit Gerard Finn IODES Study - Determination of Iodine Status in a Pregnant Population in the South of Ireland
Dr Dominic Hegarty, Consultant, Anaesthesia and Pain Management Gregory Campbell A randomized control trial of music on anxiety in chronic pain patients undergoing day-case procedures. 
Professor Colin Bradley, Head Department of General Practice Jake Murphy Evaluation of the Diabetes Nurse Specialist Service in General Practice
Dr John Kelly, Lecturer in Clinical Psychiatry James O Flynn Examining Stress - an investigation of the interaction between th eHypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis, Stress, Mood and Exercise in Students. 
Dr. Sean O’Sullivan MB, Bch, BAO, BMedSci, MRCPI, PhD. Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Senior Lecturer in Neurology Meagan Guay A study of Perceptual Decision Making deficits in individuals with Impulse Control Disorders compared to healthy controls.
Professor Mary Horan, Dean of the School of Medicine, UCC Zara Fullerton, Sarah O Sullivan Made to Move: To develop, implement and evalute components of a bespoke community physical activity and wellbeing programme designed to increase physical activity levels and improve the quality of nutritional intake in the population and as a consequence improve the well-being of the population 
Dr Kieran Doran, Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Ethics, UCC Shane Kelly Non-Directional Counselling, Terminations of Pregnancy and GP services for Women with Crisis Pregnancies - Opinions and Experiences of General Practitioners in Munster
Prof D.W. Molloy, Professor of Geriatric Medicine Kenneth O Riordan Correlation between Intensity of treatment choice in Advance Care Directive and quality of life, disability, symptom severity, mood/depression, pain and social interactions/support.
Dr Michelle Murphy – Consultant Dermatologist Yvonne Kiernan Effects of Dermatological and Rheumatological conditions and their associated medications on Oral Health
Dr Mark Tangney Aoife O Brien-Horgan, James Meeke Probiotic Bacteria in Cancer Medicine
Professor Barry Plant, Director Cork Adult CF Centre, Cork University Hospital Andrew Collins The impact of CFTR modulation on pseudomonas aeruginosa status as reflected by anti-pseudomonas antibody tires in a cohort of patients with CF with the G551D mutation.
Dr Colm O Tuathaigh, Medical Education Unit, UCC Shane Singh, Danielle O Connor, Geoff Blackbyrne Examination of Attentional and Emotional Salience Processing in Regular Cannabis Users vs. Non-User Controls
Dr Kellie Dean, School of Biochemistry and Cell Biology Atikah Fatholrazak SMAUG1 silencing foci in hippocampal neurons: are they relevant in Alzheimer's disease?

Supplement Award 2015

Applicant & Principal Investigator Student  Project Title
Dr Michael W Bennett, Department of Pathology and Dr Amr Mahmoud, Department of Pathology Niall O'Meara, Amy Kelliher MDM2 and p53 in the progression of pre-neoplastic Barrett oesophagus into oesophageal adenocarcinoma
Dr Eugene Cassidy, Liaison Psychiatry Service Nurhanim Rosli The Effect of Chronic Diseases and Psychiatry Disorders on the Quality of Life of Patient
Dr Gerard Clarke, Department of Psychiatry Nurbazilah Ariffin Effect of Chronic Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids On Brain Monoamine Levels In Female Rats Exposed to Early Life Stress.
Dr Paul Gallagher, School of Medicine Robert Craig Can cost conscioursness be taught to NCHD's
Dr Louise Gibson, Department of Paediatrics Karoline Tetlie Assesing behaviour and emotional problems in childeren with epilepsy: comparing children on AED's to newly diagnosed childeren not on AED's
Professor Louise Kenny, Department of Obsetrics and Gynaecology Michelle McCarthy Exploring women's perceptions and feelings surrounding childbirth
Dr Bridget Maher, Medical Education Unit Robin O'Neill Continual Professional Development Needs Analysis of Irish Doctors - A Mixed Methods Study
Dr Joe Moran, Department of General Practice Sarah Louise Linnane Health Beliefs regardingg E-cigarettes in UCC
Dr Ken Nally, School of Biochemistry and cell Biology and Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre Harry Harvey Identification of the mechanisms underpinning regulation of EMT-MET genes in colon cancer cell lines by PPAR-delta and PPAR-gamma
Dr Ken Nally, School of Biochemistry and cell Biology and Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre Richard Gilbert Identification of the mechanisms underpinning downregulation of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) genes in cancer cell lines by Th1 inflammatory cytokines
Dr Simon Smith, Medical Education Unit, UCC Elaine O'Connor To test and reduce medial eror in a population over 70 years old with hearing compromise in Ireland
Dr Simon Smith, Medical Education Unit, UCC Imran Haq The Combined Role of Age Related hearing Loss in he Elderly and Background Noise on the Incidence of Medical Miscommunication, an Irish Perspective.

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