Success for UCC Emergency Society at the SimWars 2018

12 Apr 2018

Success for UCC Emergency Society at the SimWars 2018

Congratulations to the members of the UCC Emergency Society for their success at the EMSSI SimWars 2018.

SimWars Ireland was founded in 2017 at UCD as the only intervarsity competition for healthcare students with a special interest in Emergency Medicine. It's primary aim is to increase the practice of simulation education among students. This year saw 18 teams from all 6 medical colleges of the Republic of Ireland competing at NUIG, culminating in a live final simulation case showdown. This collective of over 200 medical students and their respective coaching teams trained over the course of the academic year to have a chance to win #SimWars18. The UCC contingent trained hard with the support of 20+ Interns, NCHDs, Nurses, and Consultants from Cork University Hospital, Mercy University Hospital, UCC School of Medicine, and ASSERT. After training 50+ excited UCC students and hosting an internal UCC SimWars competition in November, we sent our top 18 students to compete at National SimWars. Known widely as the "UCC Rebel Alliance", UCC Emergency Care Society were delighted to be crowned SimWars18 Champions this year! Sincere congrats to Team STEMina's Anthony Yan, Eoin Jones, Tommy Kirkham, Nikoleta Tellios, and Andrew Namespetra!


As SimWars18 Champions, UCC Emergency Care Society were privileged to celebrate this victory alongside the Cork Emergency Department teams at the EIRN launch this Easter. The UCC Emergency Care Society is very excited to host the Nation's most enthusiastic healthcare students at SimWars19 in the Rebel County. We look forward to working together with CUH and MUH consultants, doctors, nurses, paramedics, UCC faculty, and experts in simulation education at Cork's ASSERT Centre!


This operation would not have been possible without all the hard work of all the trainers and students, so thanks are extended to : 


Dr. Patrick J Whooley, Coach, Emergency Medicine Specialist Registrar CUH, and SimWars18 Judge


Nr. Paula Hick

Mr. Dave Power

Mr. Dave Hick

Nr. Catherine Hennessy


Dr Sinéad Ní Bhraonáin, Emergency Medicine Consultant Sydney HEMS

Nr. Sile O’Grady, Advanced Nurse Practitioner MUH and SimWars18 Judge

Dr. Jason van der Velde, West Cork Rapid Response and Specialist Registrar CUH

Dr. Ann Payne, Emergency Psychiatry Consultant


Dr. Robert Gaffney, Director of Clinical Skills and UCC SimWars Facilitator

Dr. Tom Hinchey, Clinical Tutor

Dr. Helen Hynes, Clinical Tutor


Dr. Sean Croughan, Co-Coach, Registrar Anesthetics MUH and UCC SimWars Judge

Dr. Charlie Slowey, Intern CUH and SimWars17, UCC SimWars Judge

Dr. Michael O’Sullivan, Intern CUH and SimWars17 Captain, UCC SimWars Judge

Dr. Kevin Brown, SHO Medicine CUH and SimWars18 Judge

Dr. Alexandra Petersen, SHO Emergency Medicine CUH and UCC SimWars Judge, SimWars18 Judge

Dr. Sean Rooney, SHO Anesthetics CUH and UCC SimWars Judge, SimWars18 Judge

Dr. Donnchadh Reidy, Intern CUH and SimWars17, UCC SimWars Judge

Dr. Iarlaith Kennedy, Intern CUH

Dr. Sam Hunter, Intern CUH and SimWars17 Captain

Dr. Susie Ui Power, Registrar Anesthetics MUH and UCC SimWars Judge 


Professor Stephen Cusack, Dean UCC School of Medicine

Dr. Alan Watts, Consultant Emergency Medicine UL and SimWars17 Coach “Yoda”, SimWars Curriculum Development, SimWars 18 Judge

Dr. Shane Broderick, Specialist Registrar Emergency Medicine CUH

Dr. Mohammed Hamza, Specialist Registrar Emergency Medicine CUH

Dr. Ramkumar Segar, Specialist Registrar Emergency Medicine CUH

Dr. Micheal Sheehan, SHO Emergency Medicine CUH

Dr. Jessica O’Connell, Specialist Registrar Anesthetics MUH




Anthony Yan, SimWars18 Captain, GEM3

Eoin Jones, GEM2

Tommy Kirkham, GEM2

Nikoleta Tellios, GEM1

Andrew Namespetra, GEM1

Haleeda Hilmi, DEM4 and SimWars18 Photographer Extraordinaire

Heartbreakers and Lifesavers

James Purcell, SimWars 18 Captain, GEM4 and ECS Chairperson 16-17

Kathryn Lesko, GEM2 and ECS Co-Chairperson

Ryan Sless, GEM2 and SimWars Buyer

Sarah Schwartz, GEM1

Shawn Albers, GEM2 and SimWars Co-Coordinator

Nathaniel Hayward, GEM2 and ECS Chairperson

Hs and Ts

Gillian O’Keeffe, SimWars18 Captain, GEM3

Louise Collins, GEM4

Kevin Barry-Murphy, GEM2

Danielle Gillette, GEM2

Jala Rizq, GEM1

Clare Keaveney-Jimenez, GEM3


Ava McDonald, GEM2

Paul MacDaragh Ryan, GEM2

Rhona Dempsey, GEM2, Finance Officer, and SimWars18 Squad

Amy Brennen, DEM3

Arveen Jumani, Nursing4

Maria Beausang, DEM4

Mario Rotundo, GEM1

Kirk Hartley, GEM1

Padraig Murphy, DEM2

Daragh Dunkin, GEN2

Anina Ratjen, GEM1

Aimee Granger, GEM1

Rachel Nai, DEM4


Praveena Senthoor, GEM3 and SimWars Coordinator

Gavin Hawkes, DEM3 and Public Relations Officer

Amy Heitzner, DEM4 and Secretary

Harriet O’Mara, GEM1, ECS First Year Representative and SimWars Subcommittee

Stanley Lee, GEM1 and UCC SimWars MVP

Adam Donnellan, GEM2 and UCC SimWars Volunteer and Photography

Ciara O’Callaghan, Speech Therapy and SimWars Subcommittee

Melissa Dixon, GEM1 and SimWars Subcommittee

Madeline McCready, GEM2 and SimWars18 UCC Squad


Dr. Jamie Condren

Dr. Tiarnan Byrne


UCC SOCIETIES GUILD, particularly Mr. Dave O’Leary, Finance Officer



Dr. Anas and Dr. Andrew from CUH ED

Ms. Cara Fogarty (accompanied by Dr. Eoin Fogarty)

Link to video of the day: UCC Emergency Care Society 

Congratulations to all!


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Scoil an Leighis

Room 2.59, T12 AK54