CPD and Regulation of Professional Competence

Enhancing Doctors’ Engagement in the Regulation of Professional Competence

This is a HRB funded project (€240,000), led by Dr. Deirdre Bennett, Head, Medical Education Unit. Project. Partners include the Medical Council, the Forum of Postgraduate Training Bodies, the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, the State Claims Agency and the Health Service Executive Quality Improvement Division.

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Project Summary

In the field of medicine, information about how best to care for patients is constantly changing. Since 2011, doctors in Ireland have been required by law to demonstrate that they are taking part in educational activities to keep them up to date with these changes. The Medical Council oversees this process and can sanction doctors who do not comply.

This study aims to explore doctors’ experience of the regulation of their professional competence and to examine why some doctors are not complying with its requirements. Our project team brings together researchers, those overseeing and running professional competence schemes, doctors’ employers and insurers, and patients.

We are conducting four related studies on this topic. Our research will report on similar programmes internationally, how they work, and the evidence that supports them. We will conduct survey and interview studies of doctors to understand their perspectives. Finally, we will seek solutions to this problem from patients/ public, doctors and other stakeholders.

The findings from this study will provide valuable knowledge to the Medical Council, the Postgraduate Training Bodies who run professional competence schemes, employers, indemnifiers, doctors and patients, and will inform efforts to enhance doctors’ engagement with regulation of professional competence.

Information about our National Survey of Doctors

In May 2018, our survey of doctors’ experiences of, and attitudes to, maintenance of professional competence will be circulated via the Medical Council’s annual retention of registration process to over 13,000 doctors. It is a brief survey (7 minutes approx.) which is completed online.

  • Participation is voluntary
  • Responses will be kept confidential and will be seen only by the research team at UCC.
  • Data will be stored securely at UCC for ten years and destroyed thereafter.
  • The results of this study may be published as a report and/or in academic journals
  • If you complete the survey your responses will be reported in aggregate with others’ responses, and anonymised quotes may be used.

If you have any questions about this study please contact Anel Wiese, Research Assistant, Medical Education Unit, School of Medicine, UCC at a.wiese@umail.ucc.ie

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