Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Notice from Prof O'Leary

Dear  Students and Staff

CUH is completely closed to all medical students on clinical attachment with immediate effect. All structured teaching at the site is also ceased for the immediate future. This closure is part of an infection control containment exercise at that hospital. Further information will be circulated as it becomes available. I remind each of you to follow guidelines relating to Covid 19 posted on School and UCC health service websites. Updates regarding academic programmes will follow. Thank you for your cooperation.


Professor Paula O’Leary, Dean, School of Medicine


Professor in Medicine, UCC and Consultant Physician and Immunologist, CUH

Hand Santisers in BHSC

Please note the location of Hand Sanitisers in BHSC:


  • School of Medicine reception
  • Main entrance Left & Right.
  • Entrance to Brookfield house.
  • Entrance to ASSERT building.
  • Entrance to restaurant.
  • Basement main lift lobby.
  • Library beside entrance turnstile.
  • Inside door of G03 admin area.
  • In corridor beside 1.03.
  • 3rd floor nursing.


COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Health and Safety Information

Please read this Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Notice

To ensure the wellbeing of all UCCs staff and students, please go to the COVID19 Information and Updates website to read details of UCC's response to COVID-19, including a detailed Student FAQ.

For further information regarding precautions for healthcare students, please go to COVID19 Health Advice Information on these website is updated regularly

Infection Prevention and Control

Please consult the links below for infection prevention and control guidance for COVID-19:

HSE Information Site - Symptoms, Conditions, Treatments

HPSC Infection control leaflet for healthcare settings

HPSC Occupational Health Guidance

Video Tutorials on Infection Prevention and Control



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