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Statute XCIV.

Irish Universities Act, 1908

University College, Cork

We, the Governing Body of University College, Cork, under and by virtue of the powers in that behalf conferred on us by the said Act, Do by this present instrument under the Seal of University College, Cork, make the Statute contained in the Schedule hereof for the general government of the said College.

Given under the Common Seal of University College, Cork, this third day of May, 1973.

Present when the Common Seal of University College, Cork, was affixed:

M. D. McCARTHY, President.
JOHN P. TEEGAN, Secretary.

Statute XCIV.


Statutes I. to XCIII. of University College, Cork shall be read and construed with the additions, modifications and amendments hereinafter set forth.

Increased Stipends

  1. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary contained in Statutes I. to XCIII. of University College, Cork, the annual stipends of certain full-time professorships and lectureships and of certain full-time Officers of the College shall, as from the dates specified hereunder, be those hereinafter set forth.

  2. The annual stipend of each of the following part-time professorships shall, as from 1 January, 1973, be as set out hereunder:

    Professorship of Obstetrics and Gynaecology£1,656
    Professorship of Common Law, Real Property and Equity£1,656
    Professorship of Jurisprudence, Roman Law and Personal Property£1,656
    Professorship of Chemical Spectroscopy£1,200
    Professorship of Concrete Technology£1,200

Children's Allowances

Statute LXVII., Chapter IV., section 2, as already amended, is hereby further amended to the intent that the amount of the children's allowances shall, as from 1 January, 1973, be £84 per annum in respect of each qualified child.

Increased Pensions

  1. The Governing Body has, in accordance with the provision of Clause 8 of the Pension Scheme annexed to Statute LXXIX., reviewed the pensions payable to retired participants in the Scheme and to the widows of former participants or retired participants. In consequence thereof the revised annual pensions set out in Columns A, B, C and D hereunder shall be payable as from the dates set out at the head of each of these columns except where otherwise stated:


    Col. A
    1 Dec.

    Col. B
    1 Jan.

    Col. C
    1 Jan.

    Col. D
    1 Jan.

    General Pension Fund 
    Professor Lucy Duggan£1,479£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Dr. H. St. J. Atkins £3,347£3,663£3,663£3,663
    R. O Cinnéide£2,258£2,468£2,723£2,856
    Professor W. J. O'Donovan£2,220£2,430£2,622£2,742
    Professor P. Coffey (to 3 February, 1972)£2,957£3,237£3,493-
    Professor B. G. McCarthy£2,664£2,916£3,146£3,291
    Dr. J. J. McHenry£3,615£3,956£3,956£3,957
    Professor Mary Boyle£1,556£1,784£1,925£2,013
    Professor E. M. Byrne-Costigan£2,739£2,999£3,236£3,384
    Professor S. Kavanagh£2,220£2,430£2,622£2,745
    Professor S. Pender (from 1 July, 1971)-£2,430 £2,622£2,745
    Professor M. A. MacConaill (from 27 July, 1972)- -£2,325£2,430
    Professor R. P. Breathnach (from 1 October, 1972)- -£2,622£2,745
    Dr. Y. Servais (from 1 October, 1971)-£1,854 £2,044£2,145
    D. Leo Whyte (from 4 January, 1972):--£2,622 £2,745
    Daniel O'Keeffe (from 1 February, 1972)--£2,045 £2,145
    Mrs. Laura Drumm£963£1,055 £1,138£1,191
    Mrs. Mary F. Conroy£790£863 £953£999
    Mrs. Sheila Walsh£1,545£1,685£1,720£1,797
    Mrs. Cynthia Treston£1,479£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Mrs. Lilian Porter (to 8 March, 1973)£1,129£1,238£1,362£1,428
    Mrs. Jean Healy£1,221£1,336£1,442£1,509
    Mrs. Mary Hogan£1,479£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Mrs. Mary Busteed£1,479£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Mrs. Joan Hurley£1,110£1,215£1,311£1,371
    Mrs. Máire Mulcahy£69£75£84 £87
    Mrs. E. Ní Chuilleanáin£1,368£1,497£1,615£1,689
    Ruth Bean Uí Riada (from 6 October, 1971)-£345 £385£402
    Mrs. C. Coffey (from 4 February, 1972)--£1,746 £1,827
    H. W. Sheppard to (16 February, 1972)£1,117£1,207£1,482-
    Pauline Henley (to 13 January, 1973)£909£994 £1,260£1,323
    Mary E. Good £153£153 £153£153
    Maura Twomey £561£611 £716£756
    Mrs. M. Law (from 6 October, 1971)-£1,056 £1,208£1,269
    Mrs. K. Madden (from 1 December, 1971)-£933£1,054 £1,110
    E. McCarthy £658£710 £779£834
    M. L. Foley £834£900 £1,074£1,140
    M. Fuohy£658 £710£779£834
    Mrs. M. Riordan£199£216 £247£267
    H. Glavin £791£843 £912£969
    P. Ó Nuatáin£363£391 £429£459
    J. Foley£710 £767£914£969
    W. Sullivan (to 9 December, 1970)£363- --
    Mary Creedon (from 8 March, 1971)-£130£148 £162
    D. O'Driscoll (from 1 June, 1971)-£884£936 £990
    J. Tracey (from 5 August, 1971)-£174£186 £204
    W. Foley (from 15 December, 1971 to 20 August, 1972)-£884£936 -
    J. Rafferty (from 1 December, 1972)--£585 £621
    Dairy Science Pension Fund 
    Professor J. Lyons (to 30 January, 1973)£2,808£3,060£3,290£3,436
    Professor M. Grimes£2,957£3,237£3,493£3,654
    Professor C. Boyle£3,170£3,450£3,520£3,675
    Professor G. T. Pyne£2,220£2,430£2,622£2,745
    Professor M. Murphy£2,220£2,430£2,622£2,745
    Mrs. Helen McGrath (to 23 January, 1973)£1,479£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Mrs. Ide Ní Shé (from 30 April, 1971)-£1,618£1,746£1,827
    Elizabeth Conlon£561£616 £737£783
    Margaret A. Kelly£669£735 £879£936
    J. J. Murphy £1,437£1,582£1,828£1,923
    W. Herlihy £373£373 £450£465
    Susan M. Boyle (to 2 April, 1972)£494£522 £573-
    Annie J. Costelloe£259£281 £321£348
    John Hayes £479£479 £583£630
    Cornelius Mahony£200£200 £230£250
    T. Gleeson £494£533 £585£627
    Elizabeth White£509£539 £590£627
    C. Harrington (from 5 May, 1971)-£585£637 £678

  2. The pensions set out in the foregoing section in respect of those who retired subsequent to the enactment of Statute LXXIX. are subject to the provisions of Clause 14, as amended by Chapter III. of this Statute, of the Pension Scheme annexed to that Statute.

  3. Any increases in pension granted by this Statute will be deemed to be part of any further increases that may become payable under the terms of Clause 8 of the Pension Scheme as amended by Statute LXXXV., Chapter I., upon the validation of the latter Statute.

Pension Scheme

  1. The Pension Scheme established by and annexed to Statute LXXIX., as already amended, is hereby further amended by the addition of the following provision to Clause 14 of said Scheme:

    "Provided that the amount of each deduction shall not be greater than the amount of the annual pension entitlement less £51".

  2. The foregoing amendment shall be deemed to be operative from 1 October, 1972.


  1. This Statute shall be construed with and as part of Statutes I. to XCIII. of University College, Cork and may be cited as Statute XCIV. of University College, Cork or Stat. XCIV. of Univ. Coll. Cork.

  2. This Statute shall come into operation on the third day of May, 1973.

Present when the Common Seal of University College, Cork, was affixed.

M. D. McCARTHY, President.
JOHN P. TEEGAN, Acting Secretary.