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Statute CXII.

Irish Universities Act, 1908

University College, Cork

We, the Governing Body of University College, Cork, under and by virtue of the powers in that behalf conferred on us by the said Act, Do by this present instrument under the Seal of University College, Cork, make the Statute contained in the Schedule hereof for the general government of the said College.

Given under the Common Seal of University College, Cork, this twenty-second day of February, 1977.

Present when the Common Seal of University College, Cork, was affixed:

M. D. McCARTHY, resident.
M. F. KELLEHER, Secretary.

Statute CXIII.


Statutes I. to CXI. of University College, Cork shall be read and construed with the additions, modifications and amendments herein- after set forth.

The Faculties

  1. Statute I., Chapter XI., sections 1 and 3, and Statute XXVII., Chapter II., as amended are hereby revoked.
  2. There shall be the following Faculties in the College:
    Faculty of Arts
    Faculty of Celtic Studies
    Faculty of Science
    Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Medicine
    Faculty of Engineering
    Faculty of Commerce
    Faculty of Dairy Science
  3. The membership of the Faculties shall be determined by Regulation of the Governing Body.

Professorship of Management

Notwithstanding the provisions of Statute LXXIX., Chapter I., section 7(a)iii, the Governing Body may, in its absolute discretion, recommend to the Senate the re-appointment of the person who at present holds a full-time lectureship to which the provisions of said Statute apply and who has held such lectureship for a period of at least two years and of less than seven years, provided:

Promotional Offices

On the establishment of an associate professorship or of a lectureship which is stated to be in substitution for an existing lectureship or other teaching post, the holder of which has been deemed by the Governing Body to be suitable for appointment to the new associate professorship or lectureship, the provisions of section 4 of Chapter I. of Statute XXXIV., shall not apply.


  1. This Statute shall be construed with and as part of Statutes I to CXI of University College, Cork and maybe cited as Statute CXII of University College, Cork or Stat CXII of Univ, Coll. Cork.
  2. This Statute shall come into operation on the twenty-second day of February, 1977.

Present when the Common Seal of University College, Cork, was affixed.

M. D. McCARTHY, President.
M. F. KELLEHER, Finance Officer and Secretary.