12th Biennial Conference in Medieval Romance - 'Insular Romance'

The School of English, University College Cork, presents:

Insular Romance - Contexts and Traditions (the twelfth biennial conference in medieval romance), April 10-12, 2010.

This conference series has, over the past two decades, represented the best scholarship in romance and related genres in medieval insular contexts. Speakers in 2010 include:

Marianne Ailles, Elizabeth Archibald, Laura Ashe, Joanna Bellis, Aisling Byrne, Felicity Cable, Neil Cartlidge, Nicole Clifton, Helen Cooper, Ivana Djordjevic, Zoe Enstone, Rosalind Field, Alan Foley, Susan Foran, Phillipa Hardman, Megan Leitch, Natalie Orr, Bonnie Millar, Maldwyn Mills, Rachel Moss, Ad Putter, Hannah Priest, Raluca Radulescu, Robert Rouse, Cory Rushton, Corinne Saunders, Kaja Sadowski, Judith Weiss.

Conference organiser: Dr Ken Rooney, School of English, UCC.

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Registration for this conference is now closed. Selected proceedings are in preparation.

The thirteenth biennial conference in medieval romance will take place in April 2012 in St Hugh's College, Oxford, and will be organised by Dr Nicholas Perkins.

Conference Programme

Venue: O’ Rahilly Building, third floor, room ORB 303 (all sessions will be in this room)

Registration, books, and coffee will be just underneath this room in the public area of floor 2 (i.e under the balcony of 303)

Saturday 10 April

1100-1230 Registration

1230-1300 Welcome (Ken Rooney, University College Cork)

1300-1420 Session 1: Romance: themes and traditions

Chair: Helen Cooper (Cambridge)

Elizabeth Archibald (Bristol): “ Variations on romance themes in the Historia Meriadoci.”

Ad Putter (Bristol): “Stanza-linking in the popular romance tradition.”

Megan Leitch (St John’s College Cambridge): “Treating Treachery in Fifteenth-Century English Prose Romance.”

1420-1450 Break

1450-1610 Session 2: Authorities

Chair: Derek Pearsall (Harvard & York)

Rosalind Field (Royall Holloway): “ Authority and Absence: the Church in Insular Romance. ”

Philippa Hardman (Reading): “Portraying Charlemagne in Middle English Romance.”

Raluca Radulescu (Bangor): “Isumbras in manuscript and early print.”

1610-1630 Break

1630-1750 Session 3: Insular and Continental readings

Chair: Maldwyn Mills (Aberystwyth)

Judith Weiss (Cambridge): “Wace’s influence and History in Le Roman de Waldef.”

Marianne Ailes (Bristol): “Saracens and genre in Anglo-Norman 'romance'.”

Natalie Orr (Reading):The Clerk and the Lover: Two Different Responses to the Tristan Problem in Chrétien de Troyes’ Cligès and Le Chevalier de la Charrete.”

Sunday 11 April

930-1050 Session 4: Romance encounters

Chair: Robert Rouse (Vancouver)

Rachel Moss (York): ‘As white as whales bon’: romance and the reading culture of the fifteenth-century gentry.”

Zoe Enstone (Leicester): Morgan le Fay in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.”

Laura Ashe (Worcester College, Oxford): “Narratives of Transformation: Thomas Becket, Harold Godwineson, and Guy of Warwick.”

1050-1110 Break

1110-1230 Session 5: Gendering Romance

Chair: Ad Putter (Bristol)

Helen Cooper (Cambridge): 'Spenser's women and the metrical romances: people and personifications.”

Felicity Cable (Dublin): Back to Nature: “Spenser’s ‘Salvage Man’ and Piero di Cosimo’s Primitivism.”

Maldwyn Mills (Aberystwyth): “Getting a Wife (back) in Middle English Romance.”

1230-1430 Lunch

1430-1550 Session 6: Nation, Creed and Context

Chair: Jennifer Fellows

Ivana Djordjevi?, Concordia University (Montreal): “Guy of Warwick’s Englishness Revisited.”

Bonnie Millar (Castle College): “ The Art of Compromise: The Political and Social Context of Gologras and Gawain.”

Robert Rouse (University of British Columbia): “Chivalric Economies of Movement in Late-Medieval Crusading Romances".

1550-1610 Break

1610-1730 Session 7: Bodies and senses

Chair: Laura Ashe (Oxford)

Cory Rushton (St. Francis Xavier University): “The Generous Dead: Sir Amadace and the Material.”

Kaja Sadowski (University of British Columbia): "’Redy syght had he non’: Redeing and Misredeing in Emaré.”

Corinne Saunders (Durham): “The Bodiliness of Mind in Medieval Romance.”

2000: Conference dinner: The Weir Bistro, The River Lee Hotel (Jury's Hotel) Western Road. Cost: 30 euros (not incl. wine)

Monday 12 April

900-1020 Session 8: Shaping identities

Chair: Alan Fletcher (UCD)

Hannah Priest (Manchester): ‘Bogeysliche as a Boye’: Gender-Bending in William of Palerne.”

Aisling N. Byrne (St John’s College, Cambridge): “English Heroes in Fifteenth-Century Ireland: Cultural Translation in the Irish Sir Guy of Warwick and Sir Bevis of Hampton".

Alan Foley (University College Cork): “ Paradis Terestri Regained: Intercession for the Dead in the Auchinleck Sir Orfeo”.

1020-1040 Break

1040-1130 Session 9: History and Romance

Chair: Ivana Djordjevi? (Montreal)

Nicole Clifton, (Northern Illinois): “The King Over the Water Again: Henry Bolingbroke, the Chronicles, and the Exile-and-Return Motif”

Joanna Bellis (Pembroke College Cambridge): “Art’s Ambiguous Subject: The Hundred Years’ War in Late Medieval Romance.”

1130-1200 Close

University College Cork

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