Research Centre

Research Centre

Research Centre

Elements of the College of Medicine and Health currently operate out of Brookfield; The Western Gateway; The Biosciences Institute; The Cavanagh Pharmacy Building; the Cork University Maternity Hospital; The Clinical Sciences Building at CUH; The South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital and the Clinical Research Facility at the Mercy University Hospital.

The Women and Children theme is already anchored in the Anu Centre at the top of the CUMH and there is an opportunity to fund additional research infrastructure as part of the Paediatric Hospital development envisaged in the Reconfiguration Roadmap.

The Health Services Research Institute following recent PRTLI5 funding will be housed in the Western Gateway Building.

The Cork Cancer Research Centre and the Cancer Biology Research Group will be based in new facilities in the Western Gateway Building.
The Asset Centre in Brookfield will be the initial focus for the Simulation Institute but this will quickly become too small if it becomes the nucleus for a larger development in the area of medical devices.

There are plans to expand this area in Brookfield and if further space is required it can expand into a health and innovation campus in two phases:

1. The 21,000 m2 footprint allocated in the current CUH development plan
2. Co-located with the new day hospital envisaged by the Roadmap

Additionally, the CoMH in association with the Department of Health, the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, the HSE, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland and the Industrial Development Agency (IDA), have cooperated to develop a Health Innovation Hub in the Western Gateway Building at UCC. This joint initiative is being created to align healthcare and enterprise activities with a view to promoting health related innovation and to learn from the Cork hub the optimal way to develop the concept for a National Healthcare innovation Hub to lead a distributed model of health related innovation.

The CoMH research themes will link into the Cork Science and Innovation Park CS&IP which will be located on a 100-hectare site at the western boundary of Cork City on land that is in both public and private ownership and is already zoned for that purpose in the Local Area Plan.

The Park will have a major impact on the regional and national economy, creating up to one thousand direct jobs and 289 indirect jobs within five years.

Reflecting our key regional economic strengths, the Park will focus on three key sectors namely, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT), Health & Wellbeing, and Energy and Environment. These business sectors are driving economic activity in the U.S. Asia and in Europe and are central to the research strategies of the Third Level research institutions and businesses located and locating in the region.

CS&IP will consolidate and aggressively grow the pre-eminence of Ireland as a location for global players through its focus on innovative developments in Science and Technology in the relevant sectors of:

• Health and Wellbeing
• Energy and Environment

The Park’s principal stakeholders forcefully drive the Irish research and innovation agenda. University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, Tyndall National Institute and the Cork University Hospital Group bring an international reputation to the task of creating a world class centre of excellence for the development of convergent technologies in areas of global strategic importance.

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