College of Medicine and Health Research Committee

Committee Members 


Liam Fanning


Michael Clarkson (Vice Dean R&I, CoMH)

Vice Chair

Joe McVeigh

School of Clinical Therapies

Mairead Harding

School of Dentistry

Liam Fanning

School of Medicine

Brendan Griffin

School of Pharmacy

Patricia Kearney

School of Public Health

Johnathan Drennan

School of Nursing & Midwifery

Gene Dempsey and Sally Cudmore

Representing CoMH RICUs

Tanya Mulcahy

Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI)

David O'Connell

Director of Research Support Services, OVPRI.

Kathleen O’Sullivan

Statistician from the School of Mathematics Sciences, SEFS.

Ashleigh Byrne

CoMH Research & Innovation Coordinator  - Admin


Committee Meeting Dates 2019/2020*


September 24 2019

November 12 2019

December 17 2019 

February 11 2020

April 07 2020


Please submit documents to the Research Committee (  for review by 12pm the preceding Wednesday. Documents submitted for review after this timeline may be deferred until the next available meeting. 

*Please note, these dates are subject to change.


Terms of Reference 

UCC College of Medicine and Health Research Committee Terms of Reference

Type: Standing
Role / Purpose

  • The purpose of the College of Medicine and Heath (CoMH) Research Committee is to promote
    and support high quality healthcare research, to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration
    across the member Schools and to foster a culture of research within the CoMH and its
    affiliated healthcare institutions.

Function and Objective:

  • To promote high quality research endeavour within the CoMH as an integrated activity aligned
    with our teaching mission.
  • To develop and review policies and practices to improve the quality, impact and quantity of
    research activity within the CoMH, to monitor their implementation and evaluate outcomes.
  • To promote networking and interdisciplinary collaborative research between the member
    Schools of the College.
  • To organise regular college-wide research dissemination and networking events.
  • To work with researchers and RICUs to promote and support grant applications to national
    and international funding bodies.
  • To communicate and publicise the successes and outputs of CoMH research activities through
    a dedicated public relations strategy.
  • To foster clinical research collaboration between affiliated healthcare institutions and the
    CoMH and other Colleges within UCC.
  • To foster and support research and development with industry partners in the region.
  • To review the goals and monitor implementation of the CoMH Research Strategy.

Members and Terms of Membership:

The CoMH Research Committee membership is as follows:

  • 1 representative from each of the Schools, with a named deputy, should that member be
    unable to attend meetings.
  • 1 representative of the APC Microbiome, INFANT, Cancer Research @ UCC and Health
    Innovation Hub Ireland.
  • A representative of the office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.
  • The CoMH Vice Dean of Research and Innovation (VDR&I)
  • The CoMH Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Interdisciplinary Learning
  • The Research Support Officer to the CoMH VDR&I.

Membership will run for 3 years and is predicated on attendance of at least two meetings per year.
Any member absent for three consecutive meetings may be asked to resign their Committee
membership by the Chair. Membership of the Committee can be modified by the Chair; in consultation
with the CoMH VDR&I.

Meeting arrangements:

Six meetings per year or as required by the CoMH VDR&I or the Chair of the Committee. A quorate of
five members excluding Chair, will be required for each meeting. Meetings cancelled due to lack of a
quorate are to be rescheduled to take place within four weeks.


The committee will report to:

  • The CoMH College Executive Committee.
  • The Head of CoMH.
  • The Office for the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

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