Prof George Shorten speaks at Tyndall Technology Days

8 Apr 2016

Prof George Shorten speaks about the ASSERT Centre at the Tyndall Technology Days Seminar.

The ASSERT Centre at University College Cork in Ireland was established to improve the efficacy of health professional training. To this end, it brings to bear the same level of scientific rigor currently applied to the licensing of a new drug or device to the training of a nurse or doctor. ASSERT develops and delivers a form of evidence-based training which results, not just in improved performance in a simulated or even a clinical setting, but in improved patient outcome. This requires a precise characterization of a particular skill as metrics and errors, definition of a proficiency standard and implementation of a training programme which targets those metrics and errors. Globally, this approach can address the currently unmet need to move effectively from time-based to competence-based training. 

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