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Epigeum Online Courses

The following Epigeum Online courses are available to all UCC postgraduate students:

  • Communicating your Research
  • Statistics for Researchers
  • Research Integrity

About the Courses

Communicating your Research

This course helps participants understand the key principles that underpin all effective communication, identify the most appropriate channels and develop a tailored communication strategy that takes account of your personal style and circumstances.


  • Your communication strategy
  • Publishing Dealing with the media
  • Internal communications
  • Digital tools and approaches


Statistics for Researchers

The goal of this programme is to strengthen your ability to use statistics when conducting your research work. It teaches how to plan and execute a strategy for data analysis which explores and answers specific example research questions.

This programme is also deliberately designed so that the key statistical skills learned here are transferable to other areas for use in your subsequent career.


Research Integrity

The Research Integrity (RI) programme is designed to provide postgraduate students, new faculty and research staff with a basic understanding of responsible research practices in their area of study.  Researchers are expected to set high standards for integrity in all aspects of their work. Some, unfortunately, do not. Small numbers engage in major misconduct; larger numbers from time to time fail to follow best practices.

The first step towards responsible practice is knowing what is expected. Research is a complex activity, directed by many rules, guidelines and so-called ‘commonly accepted practices’. Researchers are not routinely introduced to best practices, making it difficult to know what is expected. This is particularly true for researchers in training, new faculty and research staff.

The RI programme provides a common framework and content for learning and thinking about responsible professional behaviour in research. If adopted widely at your institution, it will help ensure that your researchers:

  • Know the basics
  • Know now where to get more information
  • Know your institution’s expectations for integrity and responsibility in research.

Access Online Postgraduate Resources

The Online Postgraduate Resources are now available through your Blackboard account.

  • Log in to Portal and select Blackboard or log in directly to Blackboard
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  • Click on the courses tab in the left hand side of the screen
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  • Click Go

  • Click on the arrow beside the course UCC-PGResources
  • Click Enrol


  • Click on the Blackboard tab to return to the blackboard landing page
  • The course should now be listed in your account

The Online Postgraduate Resources are available free of charge.

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