Doctoral Travel Bursaries

Go Further with a Doctoral Travel Bursary

Go Further with a Doctoral Travel Bursary

2020/21 Applications - Call Closed

Details for the 2020/21 call of the CoMH Doctoral Travel Bursary are not yet available as they need to be deferred during the current COVID19 crisis, as we can’t advertise travel bursaries while restrictions remain in place. Details will be made available as soon as it possible and safe for students plan travel in relation to their doctoral research.

Recipient Reports 2019/20


StudentSchool        Report 
Ruth Benson  Public Health  Ruth Benson Report 
Stacey Power Medicine Stacey Power Report
Francisco Donoso  Medicine  Francisco Donoso Report 
Niklas Koehl  Pharmacy Niklas Koehl Report
Katherine Guzzetta Medicine Katherine Guzzetta Report

Recipient Reports 2018/19


StudentSchool        Report 
Marcel van de Wouw Medicine  Marcel van de Wouw Report 
Liam Friel Tremble Medicine Liam Tremble Report 
Kieran Dalton Pharmacy Kieran Dalton Report 
Gina Daly Clincal Therapies Gina Daly Report 
Malitha Monis Nursing & Midwifery Malitha Monis Report
Rebecca Dennehy Public Health Rebecca Dennehy Report
Seif El Hadidi  Pharmacy Seif El Hadidi Report
Selena O'Connell Nursing & Midwifery Selena O'Connell Reporrt 
Gary O'Brien Pharmacy Gary O'Brien Report
Vamsi Bharadwaj Yallapragada Medicine Vamsi Bharadwaj Yallapragada Report
Sarah Marshall Pharmacy Sarah Marshall Report
Ana Luiza Pinto Queiroz Pharmacy Ana Luiza Pinto Queiroz Report
Valeria Gervasi Pharmacy Valeria Gervasi Report
Anne-Marie Martin Nursing & Midwifery Anne-Marie Martin Report
Jodi Cronin Dental Jodi Cronin Report
Mary Anne Ryan Medicine Mary Anne Ryan Report
Niamh Coakley Medicine Niamh Coakley Report
Joana S. Cruz-Pereira Medicine Joana S. Cruz-Pereira Report
John Goodwin Nursing & Midwifery John Goodwin Report
Athari Alenazi Nursing & Midwifery Athari Alenazi Report


Recipient Reports 2017/18


StudentSchool        Report 
Gary O'Brien Pharmacy Gary O'Brien Report 
Indra San Lazaro Campillo  Medicine Indra Campillo Report 
Christina Raae Hansen         Pharmacy C Hansen Report 
Christina Fleming Medicine C Fleming 
Kheshwant Gill Medicine K Gill Report 
Danka Atanasova Kozereva Medicine Danka Atanazova Kozareva Report 
Deirdre Hayes-Ryan Medicine Deirdre Hayes-Ryan Report
Deirdre O'Leary Clinical Therapies Deirdre O'Leary Report
Karen O'Connor Medicine Karen O'Connor Report
Sarah Drummond Medicine Sarah Drummond Report
Jodi Cronin Dental School & Hospital Jodi Cronin Report
Sofia Cussotto Medicine Sofia Cussotto Report 
John Hastings Clinical Therapies John Hastings Report
Aude-Claire Morillon Medicine Aude-Claire Morillon
Ziad Sartawi Pharmacy Ziad Sartawi Report
Jonathan Keane Medicine Jonathan Keane Report 
Michelle O'Driscoll Pharmacy Michelle O'Driscoll Report 
Marc O'Sullivan Medicine Marc O'Sullivan Report
Anél Wiese Medicine Anél Wiese Report
Jacinta Walsh Pharmacy Jacinta Walsh Report
Caroline Daly Public Health Caroline Daly Report

Recipient Reports 2016/17




Kate O'Neill Public Health Kate O'Neill Report
Rachel Williamson Medicine Rachel Williamson Report
Brunno Rocha Levone Medicine Brunno R Levone Report
Elena Presas  Pharmacy  Elena Presas Report
Elaine Enright  Pharmacy  Elaine Enright Report 
Carol McCarthy Pharmacy Carol McCarthy Report
Anirudh Vinay Jaisimha Medicine Anirudh Report
Maria Caples Nursing & Midwifery  Maria Caples Report 
Miriam Bell  Nursing & Midwifery  Miriam Bell Report 
Aoife McGillicuddy Pharmacy Aoife McGillicuddy Report
Mohamad Saab Nursing & Midwifery  Mohamad Saab Report 
Grace O'Regan Medicine  Grace O'Regan
Kenneth Howick  Pharmacy   Kenneth Howick Report 
Wiley Barton  Medicine  Wiley Barton Report 
Rebecca Dennehy  Medicine  Rebecca Dennehy Report
Seif Yahia Salah El Hadidi  Pharmacy Seif Yahia Salah El Hadidi Report
Sarah Marshall  Pharmacy  Sarah Marshall Report 
Mary Ellen Crowley  Pharmacy  Mary Ellen Crowley Report
Fiona Riordain  Medicine  Fiona Riordain Report 
Kieran Walsh Pharmacy Kieran Walsh Report

Recipient Reports - 2015/16


John Kelly Medicine  John Kelly Report
James O'Leary  Medicine  James O'Leary Report
Sarah Fitzgerald Medicine  Sarah Fitzgerald Report 
Ciaran O Leime  Medicine Ciaran OLeime Report
Makiko Nishi  Dental School & Hospital  Makiko Nishi Report
Mutahira Lone  Medicine  Mutahira Lone Report
Amruta Naik  Medicine Amruta Naik Report
Nicola Ronan  Medicine  Nicola Ronan Report 
David Burns  Medicine  David Burns Report
Elaine Kehily Dental School & Hospital  Elaine Kehily Report 
Emily Kelleher Medicine  Emily Kelleher Report
Erin Dolan Medicine Erin Dolan Report
Joseph O'Shea Pharmacy Joseph O'Shea Report
Maeve O'Connell  Nursing and Midwifery Maeve O'Connell Report
Maria Kelly Pharmacy Maria Kelly Report 



Recipient Reports - 2014/15


Aidan Kaar  Medicine  Aidan Kaar Report
Aileen Barrett  Medicine  Aileen Barrett Report
Andrew O'Leary  Medicine  Andrew O'Leary Report
Ciara Harty  Medicine  Ciara Harty Report
Daniel Nuzum  Medicine  Daniel Nuzum Report 
David Brinkman  Medicine  David Brinkman Report 
Eileen Curran  Medicine  Eileen Curran Report
Elaine Barry  Medicine  Elaine Barry Report 
Jahangir Sajjad  Medicine  Jahangir Sajjad Report 
Jamie Madden  Medicine  Jamie Madden Report  
Joy Balta  Medicine  Joy Balta Report 
Marsha Tracey  Medicine  Marsha Tracey Report 
Martina Hayes  Dental School & Hospital Martina Hayes Report 
Megan Straley  Medicine  Megan Straley Report 
Niall Savage  Medicine  Niall Savage Report 
Siobhan O'Neill Medicine  Siobhan O'Neill Report 

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