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Presentation Prize for Jessica Doherty

6 Apr 2017
Ph.D. student Jessica Doherty.

Congratulations to postgraduate student, Jessica Doherty, on winning ‘Best Long Talk’ yesterday at the Tyndall National Institute’s Internal Conference.

Jessica’s talk was part of the Chief Scientist’s Selection, which saw five high impact papers published by members of Tyndall, from the last year. These were chosen by Chief Scientist Eoin O’Reilly. Jessica presented work from her research group, which focused on direct band gap germanium tin nanowires. This work was published in Nature Communications last April. Those chosen to present in the Chief Scientist's Selection were also awarded the Chief Scientist Award.

Jessica carries out her research with the MCAG group in the department, under the supervision of Prof. Justin Holmes.

Materials Chemistry and Analysis Group (MCAG)

School of Chemistry, First Floor, Kane Building, University College Cork, T12 YN60.