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Chemistry Postgraduate Graduation - Summer 2016

16 Jun 2016
Our Summer 2016 Ph.D. Chemistry Graduates.

This morning saw 13 Chemistry students graduate with Ph.D. degrees.

The students involved carried out their research in the Chemistry Department, Tyndall Institute and the School of Pharmacy. Details of all students, their supervisor names and thesis titles are listed below. Well done to all.

Name Supervisor(s) PhD Thesis Title
Dr. Jovanna Arndt
Prof. John Wenger Characterisation of atmospheric single particles in industrial and regional background environments using aerosol time of flight mass spectrometry.
Dr. Denis Beecher
Prof. Anita Maguire &
Dr. Dan McCarthy
Chemoenzymatic routes to enantiopure hydroxytetrahydrofurans: muscarine and its analogues.
Dr. Atul Chaudhari
Prof. Michael Morris Fabrication of sub-10nm lamellar structures by solvent vapour annealing of block copolymers.
Dr. Michele Conroy
Prof. Justin Holmes
Prof. Peter Parbrook
Less strain, more gain: Nano-patterning III-N thin films.
Dr. Anushka Gangnaik
Prof. Justin Holmes  Electron beam lithography assisted high-resolutionpattern generation.
Dr. Colm Glynn
Prof. Colm O'Dwyer Development and characterisation of solution processed vanadium oxide and transparent metal oxide thin films.
Dr. Patricia Hanlon
Dr. Stuart Collins The application of aryne chemistry and use of alpha-diazo carbonyl derivatives in indazole synthesis with biological evaluation.
Dr. Roisin Kelly
Prof. Justin Holmes Modifying germanium nanowires for future devices: an in situ TEM study.
Dr. Micki Mithchell-Waseh
Dr. Alan O'Riordan Development and optimisation of photonic crystal based nanosensors.
Dr. Elaine O'Sullivan
Dr. Florence McCarthy Synthesis and evaluation of novel ellipticines as potential anti-cancer agents.
Dr. Michael Reen
Dr. Tim O'Sullivan The development of novel chiral tethers for controlling intramolecular aryl-aryl coupling and their application in the synthesis of gomisin M1 and analogues.
Dr. Fiona Spellissy
Dr. Dara Fitzpatrick The investigation of heavy metals and particulates absorbed on particle filters exposed to vehicle emissions at road level.
Dr. Hannah Winfield
Dr. Florence McCarthy Synthesis and evaluation of novel functionalised indoles as anticancer agents.

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