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Chemistry Postgraduate Conferrings - Summer 2019

21 Jun 2019
Our summer 2019 Ph.D. Chemistry graduates.

Congratulations to a number of postgraduate students on their Ph.D. graduation today and our best wishes to all of them in their future careers.

Dr. Abeer Alyami (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Daniela Iacopino
Thesis Title: Sers probes for analysis of inks and food contaminants.

Dr. Aoife Buckley (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Anita Maguire
Thesis Title: Novel carboxylates as powerful enantioselective catalysts.

Dr. Xi Cao (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Eric Moore
Thesis Title: Development of a miniaturised microchip capillary electrophoresis system for forensic applications.

Dr. Jessica Doherty (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Justin Holmes
Thesis Title: Germanium tin nanowires: synergy at the nanoscale.

Dr. Melissa McCarthy (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Ian Povey
Thesis Title: Atomic layer deposition of photovoltaics.

Dr. Mary McKee (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Florence McCarthy
Thesis Title: Ellipticine derivatives: Targeting cell proliferation by a structured approach.

Dr. Kevin O'Shea (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Florence McCarthy
Thesis Title: Synthesis and evaluation of novel functionalised indoles as potential kinase inhibitors.

Dr. Louise Shanahan (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Humphrey Moynihan
Thesis Title: Quinacridone derivatives as UV-active probes of solution state pre-nucleation phenomena.

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