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Chemistry Postgraduate Conferrings - Autumn 2018

17 Oct 2018
Our Autumn 2018 Ph.D. Chemistry Graduates.

Congratulations to a number of postgraduate students on their Ph.D. graduation today, and our best wishes to all of them in their future careers.

Dr Niamh Creedon (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Alan O'Riordan
Thesis Title: Sensing at nanostructures for agri-food and environmental applications.

Dr Igor Kazadojev (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Martyn Pemble
Thesis Title: Growth of V2O5 films for electrochromis and battery applications.

Dr Harry Manley (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Martyn Pemble
Thesis Title: An evaluation of some commercially-available thin TiO2 films and TiO2 film grown by atomic layer deposition for potential photocatalytic applications.

Dr Patrick McCaw (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Collins
Thesis Title: Exploiting the power of continuous flow chemistry in the synthesis and reactivity of diazosulfoxides.

Dr Ethal Noonan (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Dr. Aidan Quinn
Thesis Title: Formation & optical properties of nanocrystal-molecule nanostructures.

Dr Conor O'Regan (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Justin Holmes
Thesis Title: Study of acid hydrolysis based synthesis of microcrystalline cellulose.

Dr Han Shao (Ph.D.)
Dr. Kafil Razeeb
Thesis Title: Nanostructure materials based supercapattery for next generation pacemaker.

Dr Amy Shiely (Ph.D.)
Supervisor: Prof. Anita Maguire
Thesis Title: Synthetic and stereochemical aspects of enantioselective copper catalysed C-H inserion reactions leading to cyclopentanones and sultones.

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