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Chemistry PhD/MSc Graduates - Summer 2015

18 Jun 2015
Our Summer 2015 Ph.D. and M.Sc. Chemistry Graduates.

This afternoon saw 15 Chemistry students graduate with Ph.D. (12) and M.Sc. (3) degrees.

The students involved carried out their research in the Chemistry Department, Tyndall Institute and the School of Pharmacy. Details of all students, their supervisor names and thesis titles are listed below. Well done to all.

Click Here for photos from the graduation ceremony.

Name Supervisor PhD Thesis Title
Dr. Martin Alfonso
Dr. Daniela Iacopino Highly sensitive Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) detection platforms formed by large area self-assembled Au nanorod arrays.
Dr. Eileen Armstrong
Prof. Colm O'Dwyer Formation and characterisation of ordered porous vanadium oxide inverse opal material for Li-ion batteries.
Dr. Merid Belayneh
Dr. Giorgos Fagas First principles simulation of amorphous silicon bulk, interfaces, and nanowires for photovoltaics.
Dr. Darragh Carolan
Dr. Hugh Doyle Synthesis, functionalisation, and characterisation of germanium nanocrystals and their applications.
Dr. Leslie Ann Clarke
Prof. Anita Maguire Catalyst and substrate effects in enantioselective C-H insertion reactions of alpha-diazosulfones.
Dr. Steven Darby
Dr. Dean Venables Chamber investigations of atmospheric mercury oxidation chemistry.
Dr. Danielle Horgan
Dr. Humphrey Moynihan Optimised crystal morphologies for active pharmaceutical ingredients and related studies.
Dr. John Kinsella
Prof. Martyn Pemble Langmui-Blodgett assembly of colloidal photonic crystals combined with controlled infiltration of conducting metal oxides.
Dr. Keith Linehan
Dr. Hugh Doyle Synthesis, characterisation and applications of group IV nanocrystals.
Dr. Michal Osiak
Prof. Colm O'Dwyer The role of structure in the electrochemical performance of nanostructured metal oxides for lithium ion battery anodes.
Dr. Michael Schmidt
Prof. Justin Holmes Beyond simple imaging with energetic beams - nanopatterning correlative microscopy and statistical analysis of inclusions.
Dr. Ransanker Senthamaraikannan
Prof. Michael Morris Development of block copolymer litography for device structure fabrication.


Name Supervisor MSc Thesis Title
Louise Cosgrave                       
Dr. Ian Povey             Atomic layer deposition on Zn (O,S) for buffer layers in cigs solar cells.
Donovan Fullam

Dr. DeanVenables

Development of a portable near-ultraviolet incoherent broadband cavity enhanced spectrometer for aerosols.
Brian Shanahan
Dr. James Rohan Probing the limits of ultrathin metal deposition.


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